Welcome to the australian national university boat club

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ANU Boat Club Welcome Notes 2015

Welcome to the Australian National University Boat Club (ANUBC); an affiliated club of the ANU Sport and Recreation Association.
The Boat club was formed in 1964. It has established itself as one of the most successful clubs belonging to the ANU Sport and Recreation Association (SRA). The club was awarded “ANU Club of the Year” for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 by ANU Sport, and over the years many ANUBC rowers have been awarded University Blues and Half Blues.
ANUBC is not just a club for high performance rowers -- it caters for any individual from high performance to novice. The club is ideal for those who are keen to further their rowing career, for those who crave a casual paddle, or those who are keen to try something new. The club welcomes rowers, coxswains, and coaches, both male and female.
The objects of the club are:

  1. To encourage, foster, develop, extend and control the sport of rowing and sculling for the benefit of the University community;

  2. To participate in interclub regattas and such other activities, including the Australian Universities Rowing Championships and Disher Cup Regatta.

The membership year runs from 1 March to 1 March. Members joining after 1 September will pay part year fee as indicated on the membership form.


ANUBC is a club based on the philosophy of all members contributing to the running of the club. Everyone is expected to contribute in some way whether that is serving on the Committee, participating in fund raising activities, coaching, helping out at working bees, organising club regattas and events or taking part in many other activities that go towards ensuring the success of the ANUBC.

All members are expected to treat others with respect, to abide by both the spirit and the letter of the rules of the ANUBC and the sport of rowing, and accept both victory and defeat with dignity and grace.

Captain of Boats: Anthony Pardy captain@anuboatclub.org

Vice-Captain of Boats: Caleb Antill vice-captain@anuboatclub.org

President: Nick Hunter (0412 268 753) president@anuboatclub.org

Vice-President: Justine Riordan vice-president@anuboatclub.org

Treasurer: Adrienne McKenzie (0416 249 502) treasurer@anuboatclub.org

Secretary: Will Stoltz secretary@anuboatclub.org

General Committee Members: Maddy Farrar

George Leach

Siobhan Tobin


The ANUBC is involved in a variety of regattas and events in addition to a number of social events throughout the year. A calendar of events can be found on the club’s website www.anuboatclub.org. All members will be notified of upcoming events by email. Please ensure your email contact is current.

Some key events for 2015 are:

  • ANU Regatta 21 February

  • ACT Championships: 14 and 15 March

  • National Championships: 23 to 29 March

  • ANU Sprint Regatta: 18 April

  • Rowing ACT winter time trial series: May to September

  • Australian University Championships: 28 September to 2 October (Adelaide)

  • Disher Cup: October (exact date to be confirmed)

  • Head of the Yarra: November (exact date to be confirmed)


Keys are allocated to various members of the club including coaches, committee members and members with personally owned boats. If you require a key please see the Captain of Boats.

When you are heading out onto the water, the shed must be closed (roller doors down and rear access door shut) for security reasons. Please ensure that this happens.
If you are the last person leaving the shed at the end of training it is essential that the shed is locked. All three roller doors must be locked and the rear access door shut firmly.

  • Under ANU SRA rules, the only people who are authorised to access ANU Boat Club facilities and equipment are ANU Boat Club members

  • Under ANU SRA rules, visitors, including those coming to row in private boats, can use club facilities on a maximum of two occasions in any one year.

  • Failure to observe this rule may result in your access and or boat storage rights being revoked.


We have 4 squads training out of the ANU Boat Club. As of Saturday 14 February 2015 the times will be:

  • State/National Selection squad (by arrangement)

  • Women’s squad -5.55am on Tuesday, Thursday and 8.30am on Saturday

  • Men’s squad – 5.55am on Monday and Wednesday and Saturday

  • Novice squad – 6am on Monday and Thursday, 8.00am on Saturday

Changes to training times are announced via the ANUBC email mailing list. Please ensure your contact details are kept up to date.

All of the ANU Boat Club coaches give their time on a voluntary basis. We insist that all members respect this and are punctual in attendance at training. If any member would like to volunteer coaching services please contact the Club President. We always welcome new coaches. Training and discounts on membership fees are available to those who volunteer to contribute to coaching.



There are 4 categories of rowing boats

  • Captain’s Permission Boats (Red dots)

These can only be used with the permission of the Captain or Vice-Captain.

  • Intermediate Boats (Yellow Dots)

These are club boats that can only be booked by experienced rowers (intermediate standard or higher).

Club boats can be booked by all members. Novice rowers are not permitted to take boats out without supervision.

  • Private Boats

Private Boats must not be used by any member of the club other than the owner and members given express permission by the owner.

If you are unsure of which boat you can use, contact the ANUBC Captain (captain@anuboatclub.org).

Boat Storage

Boats must be stored in the place allocated by the club. They are not to be moved to a different location without prior permission from the Club Captain.

Private boats and equipment must not be brought into the club without prior notice to and written permission from the Club Committee
Coaching boats

The ANUBC owns 3 coaching boats. These are only to be used by coaches and committee members who are holders of current boat licences. Each coaching boat contains a safety box with essential contents listed on the lid. Safety equipment is not to be removed from the coaching boats for any reason. If any safety items are missing or need replacement please notify the Captain.


There are 2 categories of oars/blades

  • Captains permission sculls and sweep oars (red tape on oar shafts)

These can only be used with the permission of the Captain or Vice-Captain.

  • General use sculls and sweep oars (blue or black tape on oar shafts)

Can be used by all members
Boat Lights

Boat lights must be used in conditions of low visibility. It is also a legal requirement that all rowing boats carry a 360o white light fixed to the boat (not the rower’s body or hat) when on the lake before first light in the morning. If in doubt, use a light. Squad coaches have lights for boats going out as part of squad training. Private boat owners are responsible for providing their own lights.

ANU Mountaineering Club Equipment

In addition to the ANUBC boats and equipment the shed houses boats (kayaks and canoes) and equipment belonging to the ANU Mountaineering Club. Equipment belonging to the ANUMC must not be used by any member of the ANUBC. It is essential that ANUBC equipment is stored so it does not prevent the kayakers from accessing their equipment.

Equipment Bookings

  • Equipment bookings are done using the Bookings white board in the shed.

  • Squad bookings take priority over individual bookings

  • All bookings take priority over those that turn up on a whim

  • If you haven’t arrived within 15 minutes of the time you have booked, your booking lapses and the boat can be taken out by another crew/rower

  • When out training with a squad the coach has final say on allocation of boats to individuals

Use of Equipment

  • All boats must be cleaned outside AND inside before being returned to where they came from

  • Cleaning of boats is essential to ensure they remain in the best condition possible. Detergent, Jif (for harder to remove stains) and cleaning cloths are provided near the sink at the front of the shed.

  • Make sure you allow enough time after your rowing session to clean and check the boat

  • Oars are to be rinsed of debris before being put back on the rack they came from

  • When returning equipment to racks make sure it is placed back in the correct way

  • If you are unsure of what the cleaning should entail please see the Captain of Boats

  • If any repairs or replacements are required please note it on the white board AND email the captain

Lake Traffic Rules

All crew members and single scullers have a responsibility to know and follow the established lake traffic rules and to take care when on the lake. The traffic rules for rowing are displayed at the ANU boat shed on posters inside the front roller doors and in the club room. When rowing in areas of the lake where traffic needs to cross paths, proceed with caution and always look for crews/scullers and any other obstacles that may present a risk.

No area on the lake should be considered safe from risk of collision. All club members are asked to be vigilant while training, regardless of the location.
Accidents, Damage and Loss

Rowing boats and associated equipment are expensive. Take care when moving and using equipment and please do not move a boat without being sure of how it is done. Ask for help if you are unsure and always follow the instructions of your coach. Accidents can happen. If they do please note: All accidents involving collision with another boat MUST be reported to the Club President and to the ACT Water Police. All damage to equipment MUST be noted on the equipment whiteboard as it occurs, AND, as soon as possible, reported to the Captain of Boats via email (captain@anuboat.club.org).

Any equipment taken away from the shed, for example to a regatta, becomes the responsibility of the members taking it. Those members will be liable for the replacement of any equipment lost while under their care.
General Cleaning

The club does not employ cleaners for the boat shed. It is important that all members take responsibility for keeping the shed and pontoon clean and free of rubbish.

www.anuboatclub.org page

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