Trade Single Window Client Registration Update

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Nzcs 225 | march 2016

Trade Single Window - Client Registration Update

Please complete all fields For enquiries phone 0800 428 786

Update Request 

Email to or fax to 09 927 8015

TSW User Associate 


To request to be associated to your current client codes for TSW Online lodgements:

Email to or fax to 09 927 8015

Client code(s) .. ………

TSW ID (if known) ..

If you are applying for an additional client code or codes, please tick all that apply







Third party notify 

Freight forwarder 

Shipping company 

Shipping agent 


Port authority 

Are you registered as a food importer under the Food Act 2014? Yes  No 

Do you wish to be registered as a food importer? Yes 

Full company/partnership/sole trader/individual name – including trading name:
* Evidence of legal name change to be attached if this is the reason for update


Previous name(s) ..

If sole trader or individual – Date of birth: .. Country of birth: ..

If company or partnership - full particulars of all directors/shareholders to be listed on Page 2

Company Registration Number: ..

GST/IRD Number: ..

Full Street Address: ..

Suburb: ..

City: ..

Postcode: ..

Full Postal Address: ..




Landline Phone: ..

Fax Number: ..

Mobile Number: ..

Email Address: ..

Web Address: ..

Contact Name: ..

Position in Organisation: ..

Email Address: ..

Phone: .. Fax: ..

Billing Postal Address (if different from above):

.. ……….

.. ……


Payment Account Details (if applicable)

Customs deferred account number: ..

Ministry for Primary Industries account number:..

Other information

Please indicate if you consider yourself to be a Maori Business (for statistical purposes only) 

Full particulars of all directors/shareholders/partners/sole trader/individual (attach a supplementary list if required)

1. ..



Given Names


Date of Birth


Identification Type



2. ..



Given Names


Date of Birth


Identification Type



3. ..



Given Names


Date of Birth


Identification Type



OPTIONAL: If you wish to be associated to your current client codes for TSW Online Lodgements complete the following

Existing Client codes: Yes  No 

Client code(s): ..

Add link to Organisation/Brokerage? Yes  No 

Remove link to Organisation/Brokerage? Yes  No 

Organisation/Brokerage Client Code: ..

Organisation/Brokerage Client Code: ..

Authority to link attached: Yes  No 

OPTIONAL: Notification Preferences




To receive TSW notifications of lodgement status - select for the following notification methods:

No Notification Preferences 


Messaging (only available for B2B) 

Entities to be notified (attach a supplementary list if more than one entity)




Email Address

If TSW notification preferences requested - select ONE of the following WCO lodgement types: (attach a supplementary list for additional lodgement types and notification status if required)





For the lodgement type requested - select any/all of the following lodgement status:



Directions Given 


Declaration Required 

Written Off 

OPTIONAL: Set TSW Brokerage Access

Please indicate if you wish to restrict the use of your code to nominated Brokers only? Yes   No  

If yes, Brokerage Name: .. Brokerage Code (if known): ..

(attach a supplementary list if more than one broker)

DECLARATION (refer Note 4)

I .. (position) .. of ..

declare that the information I have provided is true, correct and complete in every particular.


Date: ..



1. You must tick ALL boxes that apply.

2. A copy of your company’s Certificate of Incorporation must be attached, also details of trading name if different from registered company name. For Partnerships and Sole Traders, trading name (if applicable) is required. Private individuals must supply photo ID, passport or drivers licence.

3. A copy of the passport biography details page is the preferred ID for all names listed including directors/partners/contact persons and signatory of form, however, if no passport exists please provide a copy of that person's driver's licence. All directors / partners must be listed. Add a supplementary page if required.

4. The application must be completed and signed by an authorised person of the entity concerned (for example an officer of the company or a customs broker) or the importer/exporter of the goods.

5. Incomplete applications will be rejected and returned for completion.

6. Please note you are required to keep business records in New Zealand pursuant to section 95 of the Customs and Excise Act 1996.

7 Applications can be lodged electronically to email or, if you do not have access to email, faxed to

09 927 8015.

8. For enquiries phone 0800 428 786.

The information on the client registration update form (and any subsequent customs entries) may be supplied to Statistics New Zealand for use in official statistics.

The New Zealand Customs Service and the Ministry for Primary Industries may collect and use information for border management and border-related risk management purposes under the Customs and Excise Act 1996 and the Biosecurity Act 1993. This information will be stored on a secure joint

New Zealand Customs Service and Ministry for Primary Industries database. Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to request access and correction of any personal information you have provided or that the New Zealand Customs Service or the Ministry for Primary Industries holds on you. Information may be withheld from you for the reasons (for refusal of request) listed in Part 4 of the Privacy Act 1993. You may request access and correction through any office of the New Zealand Customs Service, or any office of the Ministry for Primary Industries.

For Food Importers

This information is being collected for the purpose of listing importers of food for sale and for border-related risk management. The collection of information is authorised by section 132 of the Food Act 2014. The provision of this information is necessary in order to process an application for listing. The Biosecurity Act 1993 was amended in 2012 to define the meaning of biosecurity to include functions, duties, or powers relating to managing risks associated with the movement of goods into or out of New Zealand under the Food Act 2014. All information provided to the Ministry for Primary Industries for the purposes of listing importers of food for sale is official information and subject to the Official Information Act 1982. If a request is made under that Act for information you have provided in this application, the Ministry for Primary Industries will consider any such request taking into account its obligation under the Official Information Act 1982 and any other applicable legislation.

Notification preferences

This is an optional field that can be used to specify who will receive a notification when the client code (for the client type being registered) appears on any lodgement. This can set:

  • the method of notification (email or messaging)

  • the email address (for those receiving email notifications)

  • the lodgement type that will trigger the notification (the options available depend on the client type being registered)

  • the lodgement action that will trigger a notification (the actions depend on the lodgement type chosen).

For example, for an importer client type it is possible to notify an entity about any import declarations lodged for the importer that are “Cleared”, “Cancelled”, or have had “Directions given.”

There are three options for notification preferences

No notification will be sent out, other than to the default agencies

  • Email

Notifications will be sent out via email according to the options selected

  • Messaging

Notifications will be sent out via B2B messaging

Authority to Link

For a TSW user to be linked requires the attachment of an endorsement from the organisation that user is requesting to be linked to. This should be on the organisation letterhead and be signed by a named responsible person within the company such as manager, user’s supervisor or company officer.

Set TSW broker access –

This is an optional field that allows you to nominate a specific brokerage or group of brokers who can use your client registration code to make lodgements through TSW.  If no selection is made, then any brokerage will be able to make lodgements on your behalf.

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