The Terry Fox Foundation

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Reading: Informational Passage

Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

The Terry Fox Foundation
When Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer, he became determined to do something to prevent people from going through what he did. Cancer research was severely under-funded in Canada at that time, so Terry decided to begin a fund raising journey across the country not only to raise money to help find a cure, but to raise awareness of the disease. Sadly, his run came to a halt when the cancer spread to his lungs. Terry died in June, 1981 at age 22.

Terry’s dream of raising one dollar from every Canadian was realized in his Marathon of Hope. Today, his memory is celebrated in the Terry Fox Run, an annual event held every September. The Terry Fox Run is planned by thousands of volunteers who organize more than 6,600 Run sites around the world. Over 2 million participants walk, jog and bike in memory of Terry every year to raise money for cancer research. Ten Terry Fox Foundation offices in Canada support the magnificent work of these dedicated organizers, participants and donors.

All funds raised in Canada, in Terry’s name, support cancer research and are distributed by The National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC). All money raised outside Canada is distributed to an institute approved by the NCIC and the Terry Fox Foundation, or remitted to Canada.

The Terry Fox Foundation strives to keep the heroic effort and integrity that Terry embodied alive. It raises money for cancer research through the annual Terry Fox Run, memoriam donations, and planned gifts, and it also continues to share the story of Terry Fox. People from around the world learn about Terry in the hope that their lives may be enriched by his example and that they may derive inspiration from his courage. The foundation does not allow commercialization or sponsorship, nor does it seek government funding other than for part-time help on a temporary basis.

Multiple Choice

Directions: Circle the best response for each question.

1. What term is used to refer to Fox’s dream

of raising one dollar from every

Canadian? (1K)

a “Terry Fox Run”

b “Terry Fox Foundation”

c “Marathon of Hope”

d “National Cancer Institute”
2. The word “severely” in paragraph one

means (1K)

a painfully.

b greatly.

c previously.

d necessarily.

3. When Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone

cancer, he (1K)

a became depressed.

b was hospitalized.

c became determined to help


Short Answer
4. Using information from the passage, explain why Terry’s journey across the country came to

an end. (2K)

5. Other than running, how can individuals participate in the Terry Fox Run? (1K)


6. In addition to the annual Terry Fox Run, list two ways funds are raised for cancer research and

the development of a cure. (2K)

7. Using information from the passage and your own ideas, explain in a well-written paragraph

why Terry Fox is considered a role model in our society.

(answer on a separate sheet of paper)

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