The high court wards of court

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In the matter of insert respondent's name  respondent
To the President of the High Court or Mr. Justice insert name of judge .
The humble petition of insert petitioner's name  of insert petitioner's address  showeth as follows:—
1. The respondent was, at the insert number of sitting  sitting of the insert name of court  Court at insert time  on the insert date  day of insert month and year , indicted for insert in brief the offence charged  and, on being put on trial, was found to be insane and unfit to plead or a special verdict was found that he was guilty of the said offence but was insane at time of its commission and was accordingly ordered to be detained in custody until the pleasure of the Government should be known concerning him. He is insert his age, description, religion and whether married or single .
2. The respondent is now detained at insert where  and is still insane as appears by the certificate of Dr. insert doctor's name (usually the medical superintendent of the hospital where the respondent is detained).
3. The respondent formerly resided at insert particulars of residence .
4. The names, addresses, descriptions and religion of his next-of-kin are as follows: insert details individually .
5. His property is as follows: insert details of respondent's property  The estimated amount thereof is insert amount  and of his income is insert amount .

6. His debts, so far as the petitioner is aware are as follows insert details of debts .

7. Your petitioner resides at insert petitioner's address  and is insert full description, stating religion . He presents this petition as insert details of relationship to respondent, if any; if not related, or if there are nearer relations, state reason why petitioner is presenting the petition.
8. The following members of his family are dependent on him: insert their names and circumstances 
9. insert any further particulars relating to the respondent and his affairs which may be relevant to the order sought
Your petitioner therefore prays that he may be appointed committee of the respondent's estate and insert mutatis mutandis petitioner's proposals for the management of the estate as exemplified in Form No. 8
And your petitioner will ever pray.
Dated insert date 
(Signed) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________Petitioner
Witness to the signature of the said insert petitioner's name 

insert solicitor's name, solicitor
I, insert petitioner's name  the petitioner named on the above written petition or the person bringing in the above-written statement of facts, or the solicitor having carriage in this matter, make oath and say that so much thereof or of the above written statement of facts as relates to my own acts and deeds is true, and so much thereof as relates to the acts and deeds of any and every other person I believe to be true.
Sworn this insert date day of insert month and year 

at insert address  before me a Commissioner for

Oaths/Practising Solicitor and I know the Deponent

Commissioner for Oaths/Practising Solicitor

This petition is filed on behalf of the petitioner insert petitioner's name, by insert solicitor's name  of insert solicitor's address  his solicitor.

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