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Sizzling Succulents

Succulents are thick-leaved plants which have the ability to store water. Many succulents naturally grow in Australia, but most are native to the drier areas of Africa and America. Our range of waterwise plants includes many which are both drought-hardy and frost-hardy.

Succulents have amazing leaf and flower colours and shapes. Most need very little watering, and can be grown in pots. If you start to see your succulent plants beginning to rot, then you are probably over-watering. Succulents prefer sandy soils. We also promote the other uses for these types of plants.

Aloe Vera - Aloe vera, Aloe barbadensis

Succulent fleshy cactus-like plant with blade like leaves with prickly edges. Crush leaves and apply them as a poultice for dermatitis, or chapped or dry skin. Wipe sap onto burns or cuts to promote rapid healing. Spikes of brownish, yellow flowers. Height approx. 35 cm.

• Jade - Portulacaria afra

Feng Shui enthusiasts say that this plant brings good fortune. It is a fire retardant, evergreen, very hardy shrub which can be used as a hedge plant, a pot plant or for bonsai. The stems twist and gnarl with age. We offer both a variegated variety and a yellow-leaved variety as well as the normal green-leaved plant.

Kalanchoe tomentosa - Kalanchoe tomentosa

Commonly known as ‘Panda plant’ or ‘Pussy ears’. All of its common names refer to the leaves being covered with trichomes or plant fur with just a few dark spots at ear-tips. Densely leafy shrub to 50 cm high branching from base; leaves and stems velvety; leaves 7 cm long and 3 cm wide with blotches on margins and at tips; yellow-green flowers. Do not overwater!

• Money PlantCrassula ovata (syn Crassula argentea)

Also known as Jade, this plant is easy to maintain. White perfumed flowers in winter and spring. Can be grown in pots and indoors. Tolerates full sun to partial shade. Do not overwater!

Mother-in-law Tongue - Sanseviera trifasciata

Also known as snake bush. The snake plant is often mottled dark green and cream with small white fragrant flowers. It produces a berry as the fruit. Prefers light shade, well drained soil; and do not water too much. It is grown for the hemp-like fibre in the leaves, which is called bowstring hemp. They are an attractive plant for pot culture and are very durable to a wide range of conditions. They tolerate low light conditions and are very tolerant of drought, and salt and saline soils. In its native Africa the leaves are used to treat shingles. Used in the home to absorb indoor pollutants.

Soap Aloe - Aloe saponaria

Soap aloe is very salt tolerant, and a good choice for seaside gardens. It is also very drought tolerant. Soap aloe is perfect for rock or cactus gardens. Use it as a ground cover under palms, agaves or large cacti. Soap aloe makes a great container plant and will live for years in very little soil. Birds are attracted to the showy flowers. The sap from the juicy leaves makes suds in water and can be used as a soap substitute. Full sun to partial shade. Plants grown in partial shade usually look healthier and more succulent. Soap aloe sends up a purplish branched stalk about 0.6 m tall, bearing showy tubular yellow, orange or red flowers.

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