Stands for a. Universal Rapid of Labeling b. Unique Random Location

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Internet Worksheet

1. URL Stands for

a. Universal Rapid of Labeling b. Unique Random Location

c. Uniform Resource Locator d. Undefined Reader of Letters.

2. If you press the function key F5 while the internet explorer open a page makes

a. Refresh to opened page b. show internet options c. Go to home page

d. Open help window
3. A message sent over a network with high speed and low cost:

a. hypertext b. email c. web site d. ISP

4. : a device that converts digital signals into telephone signals and vise versa

a. network card b. modem c. a+b d. none of these

- Given the following figure answer questions from 5 to 12

5. The opened browser is:

a. b. Netscape navigator c. internet explorer d. اهلا و سهلا الى اين
6. The site opened is considered as:

a. an Email b. search engine c. google d. none of the above

7. it’s a bar that appears on the top of the screen and contains the name of application and page name (after you answer point on it)

a. address bar b. menu bar c. toolbar d. title bar

8. Another site that performs the same work done by the previous site (

a. google b. c. excel d. hotmail
9. The previous site is of the type:

a. governmental b. educational c.commercial d. organizational

10. The number of opened web pages is:

a. 5 b. 2 c.3 d. 1

11. once we want to search on all sites which have topics that begin with the word study we print:

a. “study” b. study + all c. study * d. study

12. the following words are all considered as hyperlinks except:

a. العاب b. اخبار c.ابحث d. وظائف

13. to change the homepage you go to __________ in the internet explorer properties.

a. Security b. Content c. General d. Programs.

14. Www. is

a. an email ID b. web site c. messenger d. ISP

15. is considered as

a. an email ID b. web site c. messenger d. ISP

16. The domain name in the previous phrase is:

a. jucomputer b. ju c. edu d. jo

17. Which part in the previous phrase must be unique:

a. jucomputer b. ju c. edu d. jo
18. One of the following is considered as a main part to connect to the internet:

a. RAM b. CPU c. Modem d. all of above.

19. To save a picture from web page, right click on the picture then choose:

a. Save Picture As b. Email Picture c Print Picture d. Go To My Pictures

20. Firewalls Used to:.

a. Prevent Hacking b. Manage Cookies c. Threat Viruses d. Prevent Fraud.

Answer the following Questions according to the following image:

  1. give the site name above that give the emailing service. (

  2. what is the email id above? (computerskills102)

  3. identify the difference between BCC and CC in emails

  4. identify the different between inbox and drafts

  5. what are bulk emails? How many emails there are in bulk?

  6. give the method you do attachments

  7. what do we have in sent items?

  8. how can one put his signature in all his emails?

9. Visit the following address, the name of the image appears in the page is: (Google)
Given the following figure answer questions below.

1. The email is sent to the following recipient:

a. b. c. invitation d. none of above
2. The count of files attached with the email is:

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. Non of above

3. To edit your signature on the mail you click on:

a. addresses b. Notepad c. Options d. Sign Out

4. Which of the following sentences is true about the picture above:

a. the message is being sent to tow recipients.

b. won't know that the message is sent also to

c. will know that the message is also sent to

d. all of above.
5. We can create the two email addresses without any conflict: Jordan- ,

a. True b. False
6. Written mail messages but not sent yet saved in:

a. Sent Items b. Spam c. Outbox d. Drafts

7. The site is categorized as:

a. Educational b. Governmental c. Commercial d. Organizational

8. In the previous site the part .jo leads to:

a. Site Type b. Site Name c. Site Country d. Site Domain

9. The history of the web browser contains:

a. Frequently opened sites b. The recent opend sites

c. All the sites opened during fixed period d. None Of the above

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