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Immediate release: 9 March 2015

Leki’s Albula Lite Antishock – fully featured ultra light trekking pole
When it comes to selecting a pair of trekking poles, Leki’s Albula Lite Antishock poles, made using heat treated aircraft grade aluminium, provide the ultimate in lightweight stability and impact reduction and are feature-packed to ensure maximum comfort and reliability when on the hills.

No matter what the weather conditions, fast and simple length adjustment (even when wearing gloves) is guaranteed thanks to Leki’s innovative external adjustment Speed Lock 2 System that connects the upper and middle parts of the poles.

Middle and lower parts are fixed by a superior internal locking system (Super Lock SLS) offering the highest locking security worldwide (140 kg per pole guaranteed, certified by the TÜV Süd). This strong pole adjustment system is simply operated by twisting the pole sections to activate an internal wedge.
The lower section houses the Soft Anti-shock system which uses a progressive dampener that supplies much softer shock absorption on harder surfaces and maximum comfort.
Another top feature is the Aergon Thermo Compact Grip. The large ergonomically shaped support area, with integrated “Grip Zone”, provides various gripping options for a secure hold in every position. The super absorbent foam absorbs sweat when it’s hot and provides insulation when it’s cold and reduces vibration on impact. In addition, the ultra light Lock Security Strap (LSS) wrist loop is easy to adjust, breathable and quick drying.
Weight: 488g per pair

Size: 69cm – 135cm

SRP: £110
PR contact: Jo Lowe, Spring PR – – 01249 750819
Stockist information: Ardblair Sports Importers Ltd - - 01250 873863.
About LEKI: LEKI specialises in making poles – ski poles, trekking poles and nordic walking poles as well as associated accessories. For over 60 years, outdoor enthusiasts have appreciated the quality, value and innovative technology that goes into the products. Every pole is manufactured by a skilled and dedicated workforce in LEKI’s own eco-friendly production facility in the heart of Europe.  Any other pole is just a stick.

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