Navy 311: Tiered Help Desk Services and How to Request Them Background

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Navy 311 Help Desk Services

16 November 2012

Navy 311: Tiered Help Desk Services and How to Request Them
Background. The Navy Enterprises, in collaboration with the Fleet, have endorsed the use of the Navy 311 Support Center’s toll free 1-855-NAVY-311 (1-855-628-9311) number as their number one phone number for all fleet support questions. Navy 311 is publicized as the "single face to the Fleet."
The Navy 311 Call Center is an essential tool in the Distance Support Program’s toolbox. Navy 311, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, employs a dedicated team of Customer Support Professionals (CSPs) who act as the Fleet customers' advocate or liaison for any question, any subject. These knowledgeable, experienced advocates will find the appropriate source of support for a fleet customer’s problem and will track the Service Request (SR) through completion and customer acceptance.
Currently, the main method used to contact Navy 311 is via phone. Navy 311 can also be contacted by:

  • Email:


  • Web based support request submission via the Navy 311 website,

  • Live CHAT (via the Navy 311 unclassified website)

  • Mobile Device Texting (by typing into the “To” line of a text message)

Navy 311 is also responsible for population, updates, verification, and maintenance of the Navy’s source of support directory called the “Vectory.” The Vectory, is like the white pages of a phonebook. It contains the authoritative, support related, points of contacts for Navy systems and programs.

No matter what method of contacting Navy 311 is used, a Navy 311 Customer Support Professional is responsible for populating and passing service requests into a trouble ticket reporting system. The service request data that the Customer Support Professional enters into the system is ultimately used to generate metrics. Those metrics are then reviewed to establish business trends which ultimately are used to establish Call Center goals.
A Menu of Different Tiered Help Desk Services are Available to all Navy Programs
There are many Navy programs that do not currently have a dedicated Call Center or Help Desk set up to answer customer questions about their specific program or product. Arrangements with Navy 311 can be made where the Navy 311 Support Center can act as a program’s Help Desk. As such, Navy 311 offers to all the following tiered levels of service:
Option 1: Tier 1 Level Support – This option offers live support where customers can initiate a service request and obtain assistance, including, but not limited to basic information and standard services. Tier 1 support will have end-to-end responsibility for each customer request and provide the customer with a single contact point and call/contact ownership, and provide documentation for visibility and tracking. Tier 1 will only provide information that has been validated and authorized for distribution by the cognizant technical authority. Tier 1 will vector requests to cognizant technical authorities for resolution as identified in the source of support database.
Option 2: Tier 2 Level Support – This option provides more complex support, information, or non-standard services, and is usually an escalation of the call from Tier 1. Tier 2 support provides advanced technical or authoritative expertise to the customer and provides resolution that will be documented for visibility and tracking.
Option 3: Tier 3 Level Support – This option provides support or information on complex issues including but not limited to hardware or software, which usually involve certified systems engineers or additional levels of specialized or authoritative expertise not available at Tier 1 and 2 levels. Tier 3 support provides more advanced expertise to the customer and provides resolutions that will be documented for visibility and tracking.
Option 4: Tier 4 Level Support – This option provides support typically required from a government or industry organization, or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that will be documented for visibility and tracking.

How to Inquire about Using Navy 311 Help Desk Services
From the Navy 311 website, (, under the “Partner Services” area, visitors can:

  • View an overview of the Navy 311 help desk tiered service options

  • Request more information about Navy 311 and the tiered service support Navy 311 can provide

To begin exploring the possibility for Navy 311 to act as a Help Agent for your program:

  1. From the “Partner Services” web page under the “Navy 311 Tiered Help Desk Services” section, click the link titled “Request More Information on Help Desk Services.”

  2. A “Partnering Services Information Request” PDF form will be presented.

  3. Complete the point of contact information at the top of the form and check the box titled “I would like to obtain information about utilizing Navy 311’s help desk tiered support services" then submit the form.

  4. A Navy 311 representative will receive the form and will contact you within 3 business days to answer any questions you may have and will coordinate a follow-on discussion with the customer and the Navy 311 Operations Team.

The follow-on discussion between the customer and the Navy 311 Operations will usually consist of the following:

  • An understanding of the afterhours emergency coverage needed by the program

  • A determination if the Navy 311 Support Center will require access to additional software

  • A determination of the program’s reporting requirements

  • A determination if any additional Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) training will be needed

  • A discussion on Service Level Agreements

When all necessary discussions have been held and an understanding of the program’s requirements are understood, Navy 311 will then obtain and load the program’s source of support information into their Support Provider Directory (SPD) and provide the negotiated support.

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