How to create a strategy for an enterprise-wide implementation of sap bw

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How to create a strategy for an enterprise-wide implementation of SAP BW

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SAP Business Information Warehouse

Creating concepts for enterprise wide SAP BW implementations

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Table of Contents

How to create a strategy for an enterprise-wide implementation of SAP BW 1

Global ASAP for BW Accelerator 1

Table of Contents 3

1 Purpose of the paper 4

2 What is an Information Model? 4

2.1 Enterprise-wide Business Information Requirements and data structures 4

2.2 The Description of Information Supply Chain 4

2.3 SAP BW Business Content is the blueprint for your Information Model 5

3 SAP BW Strategy Overview 5

3.1 Scope of SAP BW implementation strategy 5

3.2 Tasks 7

3.3 Deliverables 7

3.4 Scope of SAP BW within an enterprise wide IT landscape 8

3.5 Team requirements 8

3.6 Methodology of SAP BW Strategy and SAP BW implementation 8

4 Strategy Blueprint 9

4.1 Summary 9

4.2 Executive Workshops 10

4.3 Best practice & examples 12

5 Program Definition and Strategy Study 16

5.1 Summary 16

5.2 Information Model 17

5.3 System Architecture Recommendations 23

5.4 Implementation Approach 27

5.5 Change Management Strategy (Communication Strategy) 31

5.6 Program Management Approach 31

5.7 Risk Assessment 31

6 Program Charter 32

7 Appendices 32

7.1 Appendix I: Example: Global and common entities (here: organisatinal) 32

7.2 Appendix II: System Architecture Design criteria 33

7.3 Overview: SAP BW Version 2.0B Architecture 34

1Purpose of the paper

Starting an enterprise-wide SAP BW implementation requires strategic planning. This paper outlines the most important steps that should be followed when creating an SAP BW strategy. It describes conceptual considerations. It is targeted for project leaders for large SAP BW projects/ and decision makers that are involved in creating strategies for the implementation of enterprise wide or global implementations involving SAP BW.

2What is an Information Model?

2.1Enterprise-wide Business Information Requirements and data structures

One important deliverable of the SAP BW strategy will be what we call an integrated information model. The information model is the foundation for a successful rollout of enterprise wide integrated analytical applications.

Process engineering projects focused on efficiency of processes, sometimes forgetting what kind of people are involved and how the people can effectively measure the effectiveness of the processes in order to continuously improve them. Information modeling (The process of creating the Information modeling) puts people in focus. It looks at how people are using information to fulfill their roles within an enterprise.

One dimension of the Information model is the documentation of business strategies and objectives, the main processes (value chains) , and the main players (people and roles) controlling the process, the information needed for the players to monitor the processes. The results of the analysis are then documented with performance indicators (measures that measure either processes or strategies/goals or satisfy legal requirements) and the main objects (dimensions) of the performance indicators.

The business requirements then should be summarized in a data model and the definition of global (enterprise-wide) data requirements. The enterprise-wide requirements are a framework for the SAP BW roll-out and must be considered when implementing SAP BW solutions for smaller units of the company. The other dimension is the Information Supply Chain.

2.2The Description of Information Supply Chain

Another area where Information modeling focuses is the information management process. The information model is a logical design model and explains, how to structure information, where and how to gather information, how to professionally manage information and how to display, distribute or access information from a information manager point of view. The model serves as blueprint for professional enterprise wide information management, and as a communication bridge between business and “information technology”.

The information model should describe how information flows through the enterprise environment (including customer, vendor and market) and how information is used by the receivers. There are many analogies that can be used for “information management processes”; One that we found very useful was that of a newspaper or news agency. If you compare your company’s information management with the processes of “professional” information providers, such as a news agencies, where information really is the main and key product, it might help to make people understand what you want to discuss with them.

In summary: The information model describes the main business goals, main business processes, key peoples roles and tasks within these processes, explores the performance indicators and explains the data and information flows in the enterprise environment. It also explains the information technology used to streamline the flows of information, where data comes from and thereby defines the information supply chain.

2.3SAP BW Business Content is the blueprint for your Information Model

The SAP BW has not only the functionality of a data warehouse. It also comes with business intelligence in form of business information models. SAP has already “created” an enterprise wide information model, with pre-configured performance indicators, reports, information models and communication and extraction logic from the applications and industry specific market data. Effectively you should always use the business content as a reference and use it closely as possible within your enterprise wide projects and enhance business content when required. By using Business content you make sure that you follow a road that does not end in “stove-piped business area data-marts” (not integrated information islands), but rather use parts of a model that is integrated and covers most of your business processes. It is the Business content that enables you to create an enterprise wide warehouse step by step.

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