Effective date of orders; time for compliance; effect of orders

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2394423-944.  Effective date of orders; time for compliance; effect of orders

A.  General orders of the commission shall take effect within thirty days after publication.  Special orders shall take effect as therein directed.

B.  The commission shall, upon application of any employer, grant such time as reasonably necessary for compliance with an order.  A person may petition the commission for an extension of time to comply with an order, which the commission shall grant if it finds the extension necessary.

C.  All orders of the commission in conformity with law shall be valid and in force and prima facie reasonable and lawful until found otherwise in an action brought for that purpose pursuant to the provisions of this chapter or until altered or revoked by the commission.

D.  A substantial compliance with the requirements of this chapter shall be sufficient to give effect to the orders of the commission, and they shall not be declared inoperative, illegal or void for an omission of a technical nature. 23944

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