Cs 641: Multi-Media Database Systems T, Th 9: 00 – 10: 15, Lawson 1106 Prerequisites

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CS 641: Multi-Media Database Systems

T, Th 9:00 – 10:15, Lawson 1106
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor or course work in Database system courses
Professor Bharat Bhargava (Office: Lawson 2106, 494-6013, Office hours: Tuesdays: 11:45 – 1:00).

1 Course Contents

We will study the design, development, and implementation of Multimedia and Video Conferencing systems. We will focus on organizing multimedia content, physical storage and retrieval and other system aspects. For example, Communications/Networking is one of the major problems in such systems and we will discuss this issue. We plan to study both the Internet and Mobile Communication Environments. An interesting context will be active networks. Other issues that we will deal with are database support, compression/decompression, security, user interfaces, and distributed processing.

We will use the Raidlab facilities to conduct experiments on a variety of MM and VCS issues. The tools that you will get familiar with are Wide Area Network Communication Emulation (WANCE), Active Gateways and Adnet, Bandwidth Monitoring, Network Video, etc. The experiments can deal with adaptability in video conferencing, quality of service, active networks, overheads in applications such as digital libraries, electronic commerce.
The students are expected to explore articles on commercial developments (through magazines, newspaper articles), university developments (through web pages), research developments (through journals, research papers, research proposals, Ph.D. thesis, and books). Each student is expected to explore (read) a specific area of MM/VCS, design and conduct some experiment, and write a short paper. Students may wish to present an already published work or their own work in the class.
Students will have a chance to examine the structure and source code of the software available in Raidlab projects.
Week by week plans for class will be available at the beginning of class.

2 Reading Materials

Book: Principles of Multimedia Database Systems, V.S. Subrahmanian. Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
Students are invited to suggest research papers that may interest the class. Handouts will be given. Outside speakers will be invited.

3 Assignments and Grading Policies

The grade will be based on the contribution in the class and on the project. A short implementation proposal and a report on a special topic are expected from each student. This report will state a problem, survey of ongoing research, approach to the problem, experiments, results, and conclusions with suggestions for future work.

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