Constructing Canonical lr parsing Tables Construction of the sets of lr(1) items

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Monday, September 12, 2005

LR Parsers
Constructing Canonical LR Parsing Tables
Construction of the sets of LR(1) items

Input: An augmented grammar G’.

Output: The sets of LR(1) items that are the set of items valid for one or more viable prefixes of G’ .

function closure(I);



for each item [A α. Bβ, a] in I,

each production Bγin G',

and each terminal b in FIRST(βa)

such that [B. γ, b] is not in I do

add [B. γ, b] to I

until no more sets of items can be added to I


return I

function goto(I, X)


let J be the set of items [AX. β, a] such that

[A X β, a] is in I

return closure(J)

procedure items(G')


C := {closure({S'. S,$})};


for each set of items I in C and each grammar symbol X

such that goto(I , X) is not empty and not in C do

add goto(I , X) to C

until no more sets of items can be added to C

Consider the following augmented grammar:-

S’ S


C Cc | d

The initial set of items is:-

I0 : S’  .S , $

S .CC, $

C .Cc, c | d

C .d, c | d

We have next set of items as:-

I1 : S’  S., $

I2 : S  .Cc, $

C  .Cc, $

C  .d, $

I3 : C  c.C, $

C  .c C , c | d

C  .d, $

I4 : C  d. , c | d

I5 : S  CC. , $

I6 : C  c.C, $

C  .c C ,$

C  .d , $

I7 : C  d. , $

I8 : C  c C. , c | d

I9 : C  c C. , $

Construction of the canonical LR parsing table.

Input: An augmented grammar G’.

Output: The canonical LR parsing table functions action and goto for G’

Method :

  1. Construct C={I0,I1………..,In}, the collection of sets of LR(1) items for G’.

  2. State I of the parser is constructed from Ii. The parsing actions for state I are determined as follows :

  1. If [A  α. a β, b] is in Ii, and goto(Ii, a) = Ij, then set action[ i,a] to “shift j.” Here, a is required to be a terminal.

b) If [ A  α., a] is in Ii, A ≠ S’, then set action[ i,a] to “reduce A  α.”

c) If [S’S.,$] is in Ii, then set action[ i ,$] to “accept.”

If a conflict results from above rules, the grammar is said not to be LR(1), and the algorithm is said to be fail.

  1. The goto transition for state i are determined as follows: If goto(Ii , A)= Ij ,then goto[i,A]=j.

  2. All entries not defined by rules(2) and (3) are made “error.”

  3. The initial state of the parser is the one constructed from the set containing item [S’.S, $].

Submitted by:

Neeraj Meena


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