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New Books

April 01, 2013 - June 30, 2013
Ref AY81.F3 O6 2012

The old farmer's almanac : calculated on a new and improved plan for the

year of our Lord 2013 : fitted for Boston and the New England states with

special corrections and calculations to answer for all the United

States... Dublin, NH : Yankee Publishing Incorporated, c2012.

BF199 .P765 2012

Provine, Robert R. Curious behavior : yawning, laughing, hiccupping, and

beyond. Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press,


BF371 .M3395 2012

Malone, Michael S. The guardian of all things : the epic story of human

memory. 1st ed. New York, N.Y. : St. Martin's Press, c2012.

BF637.B85 B39 2013

Bazelon, Emily. Sticks and stones : defeating the culture of bullying and

rediscovering the power of character and empathy. First edition. New

York : Random House, c2013.

BF637.B85 S77 2012

Strauss, Susan. Sexual harassment and bullying : a guide to keeping kids

safe and holding schools accountable. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield

Publishers, c2012.

BF723.C5 B5 2011

The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of childhood cognitive development. 2nd ed.

Chichester ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.

BF1099.C55 B85 2012

Bulkeley, Kelly. Children's dreams : understanding the most memorable

dreams and nightmares of childhood. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield

Publishers, 2012.

BJ1012 .M325 2007

MacIntyre, Alasdair C. After virtue : a study in moral theory. 3rd ed.

Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, 2007.

BJ1031 .C568 2012

Cohen, Randy. Be good : how to navigate the ethics of everything. San

Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2012.

BJ1311 .B645 2012

Boehm, Christopher. Moral origins : the evolution of virtue, altruism, and

shame. New York : Basic Books, c2012.

BJ1500.T78 S35 2012

Schneier, Bruce. Liars and outliers : enabling the trust that society needs

to thrive. Indianapolis, IN : Wiley, c2012.

BT301.3 .S89 2012

Sweet, Leonard I. Jesus : a theography. Nashville, Tenn. : Thomas Nelson,


DC147 .P34 1984

Palmer, Alan Warwick. An encyclopaedia of Napoleon's Europe. New York : St.

Martin's Press, c1984.

DC203 .F67 2012

Forrest, Alan I. Napoleon : life, legacy, and image : a biography. 1st U.S.

ed. New York : St. Martin's Press, 2012.

DD247.B66 G6713 2011

Gortemaker, Heike B. Eva Braun : life with Hitler. 1st American ed. New

York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2011.

DG315 .P68 2013

Potter, D. S. Constantine the Emperor. New York : Oxford University Press,


DS530.53.A85 P66 2012

Popham, Peter. The lady and the peacock : the life of Aung San Suu Kyi.

New York : Experiment, 2012.

DS778.M3 P287613 2012

Pantsov, Alexander. Mao : the real story. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover

ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2012.

DT87.5 .T95 2012

Tyldesley, Joyce A. Tutankhamen : the search for an Egyptian king. New

York : Basic Books, 2012.

DU744.35.D32 D53 2012

Diamond, Jared M. The world until yesterday : what can we learn from

traditional societies? New York : Viking, c2012.

E98.H35 S74 2002

Step into the circle : the heartbeat of American Indian, Alaska native, and

first nations deaf communities. Salem, Or. : AGO Publications, 2002.

E99.A6 G3276 2012

Utley, Robert M. Geronimo. New Haven : Yale University Press, c2012.

E178 .T965

200 years; a bicentennial illustrated history of the United States.

[Washington] Books by U.S. News & World Report [1973]

E184.A75 A85 2013

Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. Ispwich, Mass. : Salem Press, 2013.

E184.S69 B35 2013

Bald, Vivek. Bengali Harlem and the lost histories of South Asian America.

Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2013.

E185 .E5453 2009

Encyclopedia of African American history, 1896 to the present : from the age

of segregation to the twenty-first century. New York : Oxford University

Press, 2009.

E185.93.S7 L43 1998

The legacy of Ibo landing : Gullah roots of African American culture.

Atlanta, GA : Clarity Press, c1998.

E207.A4 R36 2011

Randall, Willard Sterne. Ethan Allen : his life and times. 1st ed. New

York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2011.

E302.6.A2 A543 2011

Alexander, John K. Samuel Adams : the life of an American revolutionary.

Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2011.

E443 .E57 2012

Enslaved women in America : an encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, Calif. :

Greenwood, c2012.

E457.45 .G66 2005

Goodwin, Doris Kearns. Team of rivals : the political genius of Abraham

Lincoln. New York : Simon & Schuster, c2005.

F334.M753 P3883 2013b

Theoharis, Jeanne. The rebellious life of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Boston : Beacon

Press, c2013.

F867 .S8 1985

Starr, Kevin. Inventing the dream : California through the Progressive Era.

New York : Oxford University Press, 1986, c1985.

F1210 .M6175 2012

Mexico today : an encyclopedia of life in the republic. Santa Barbara,

Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2012.

F1219 .O94 2012

The Oxford handbook of Mesoamerican archaeology. Oxford ; New York : Oxford

University Press, c2012.

G128 .P89 2009

Pulsipher, Lydia M. World regional geography concepts. New York : W.H.

Freeman and Co., c2009.

G1000.5.M3A4 S8 2012

Stooke, Philip, author. The international atlas of Mars exploration : the

first five decades. Volume 1 : 1953 to 2003. Cambridge ; New York :

Cambridge University Press, 2012.

GE105 .B74 2005

Brennan, Scott R. Environment : the science behind the stories. San

Francisco : Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, c2005.

GF51 .R44 2013

The rediscovery of the wild. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2013.

GF514 .P53 2008

Placing Latin America : contemporary themes in human geography. Lanham, Md.

: Rowman & Littlefield, c2008.

GN60 .I57 2010

Introduction to physical anthropology. 2009-10th Ed. Belmont, CA :

Wadsworth Cengage Learning, c2010.

GN281 .W44 2003

Wells, Spencer. The journey of man : a genetic odyssey. Random House trade

pbk. ed. New York : Random House Trade Paperbacks, c2003.

GN407 .B87 2013

The business of food. Ipswich, Massachusetts : H. W. Wilson, A Division of

EBSCO Publishing, Inc., 2013.

GN419.3 .G56 2000

Gilbert, Steve. Tattoo history : a source book : an anthology of historical

records of tattooing throughout the world. New York : Juno Books ;

Berkeley, CA : US bookstore distribution, Publishers Group West, c2000.

GN419.3 .H3 2009

Hambly, Wilfrid D. The history of tattooing. Dover ed. Mineola, N.Y. :

Dover Publications, 2009.

GT525 .G67 2011

Gordon, Beverly. Textiles : the whole story : uses, meanings, significance.

London : Thames & Hudson, 2011.

GT596 .S55 2012

Silver, Cameron. Decades. London ; New York : Bloomsbury, 2012, 2012.

GT2073 .E9 2010

Ewing, Elizabeth. Fashion in underwear : from Babylon to bikini briefs.

Dover ed. Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications, 2010.

GT2075 .L67 2007

Lord, William Barry. The corset and the crinoline : an illustrated history.

Dover ed. Mineola, N.Y : Dover Publications, 2007.

GT2345 .D56 2005

Dinter, Maarten Hesselt van. The world of tattoo : an illustrated history.

Amsterdam : KIT, c2005.

GV706.4 .M35 2012

Mango, Kirk. Becoming a true champion : achieving athletic excellence from

the inside out. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.,


GV706.5 .E567 2012

Eitzen, D. Stanley. Fair and foul : beyond the myths and paradoxes of sport.

5th ed. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.

GV706.8 .H36 2012

Hanold, Maylon. World sports : a reference handbook. Santa Barbara, Calif.

: ABC-CLIO, 2012.

GV709.3 .S56 2012

Smith, Veronica. Getting into the game : sports programs for kids with

Autism. London ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012.

GV884.A47 A3 2009

Allred, Lance. Longshot : the adventures of a deaf fundamentalist Mormon

kid and his journey to the NBA. 1st ed. New York : HarperOne, 2009.

GV885.35 .W55 2012

Wissel, Hal. Basketball : steps to success. 3rd ed. Champaign, IL : Human

Kinetics, c2012.

GV885.7 .C64 2011

The college basketball book. New York : Sports Illustrated, c2011.

GV1596.5 .M87 2010

Musmon, Margaret. Latin and Caribbean dance. New York : Chelsea House,


GV1596.5 .S55 2010

Smith, Karen Lynn. Popular dance : from ballroom to hip-hop. New York :

Chelsea House Publishers, c2010.

GV1643 .R56 2010

Rinaldi, Robin. European dance : Ireland, Poland, Spain, and Greece. 2nd

ed. New York : Chelsea House, c2010.

GV1689 .D47 2010

Descutner, Janet. Asian dance. 2nd ed. New York : Chelsea House, c2010.

GV1704 .A52 2010

AlZayer, Penni. Middle Eastern dance. 2nd ed. New York : Chelsea House,


GV1751 .A59 2006

Allen, Jeff. The complete idiot's guide to ballroom dancing. 2nd ed.

Indianapolis, IN : Alpha, [2006]

GV1783 .A55 2010

Anderson, Janet. Modern dance. 2nd ed. New York : Chelsea House, c2010.

GV1785.A1 G55 2007

Golden, Eve. Vernon and Irene Castle's ragtime revolution. Lexington, Ky.:

University Press of Kentucky, c2007.

GV1787.5 .R55 2010

Rinaldi, Robin. Ballet. 2nd ed. New York : Chelsea House, c2010.

HB3717 2008 .A47 2012

Aftermath : the cultures of the economic crisis. 1st ed. Oxford : Oxford

University Press, 2012.

HB3743 .N45 2012

Nelson, Scott Reynolds. A nation of deadbeats : an uncommon history of

America's financial disasters. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2012.

HB3743 .R67 2012

Rosenberg, Jerry Martin. The concise encyclopedia of the great recession

2007-2012. Rev. and expanded ed., 2nd ed. Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press,


HC102.5.W476 A3 2013

Whitacre, Edward E. American turnaround : reinventing AT&T and GM and the

way we do business in the USA. 1st ed. New York : Business Plus, 2013.

HD30.15 .E49 2012

Encyclopedia of management. 7th ed. Detroit : Gale, Cengage Learning,


HD30.28 .L34 2013

Lafley, A. G. Playing to win : how strategy really works. Boston, Mass. :

Harvard Business Review Press, c2013.

HD38.2 .T476 2012

Thorndike, William. The outsiders : eight unconventional CEOs and their

radically rational blueprint for success. Boston, Mass. : Harvard

Business Review Press, c2012.

HD38.2 .Z94 2011

Zweigenhaft, Richard L. The new CEOs : women, African American, Latino and

Asian American leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Lanham, Md. : Rowman &

Littlefield Publishers, c2011.

HD62.7 .R35 2012

Ramberg, J. J. It's your business : 183 essential tips that will transform

your small business. 1st ed. New York : Business Plus, c2012.

HD1365 .F75 2013

Friedman, Jack P. Dictionary of real estate terms. 8th ed. Hauppauge,

NY : Barron's Educational Series, c2013.

HD2785 .H37 2012

Hawthorne, Fran. Ethical chic : the inside story of the companies we think

we love. Boston : Beacon Press, c2012.

HD3611 .D58 2013

Doing business 2013 : smarter regulations for small and medium-size

enterprises. Washington, D. C. : World Bank : International Finance

Corporation, c2013.

Ref HD5706 .G56 2013

Global employment trends 2013 : recovering from a second jobs dip. Geneva :

ILO, 2013.

HD6054.3 .S265 2013

Sandberg, Sheryl, author. Lean in : women, work, and the will to lead.

First edition. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2013.

HD6056.2.U6 F53 2012

Fideler, Elizabeth F. Women still at work : professionals over sixty and on

the job. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.

HD8038.U5 W564 2013

Wingfield, Adia Harvey. No more invisible man : race and gender in men's

work. Philadelphia, Pa. : Temple University Press, 2013.

HD8083.C2 L37 2012

Laslett, John H. M. Sunshine was never enough : Los Angeles workers, 1880-

2010. Berkeley : University of California Press, c2012.

HF1118 .M37 2009

Martz, Geoff. Cracking the GMAT : with DVD. 2010 ed. New York : Random

House, c2009.

Ref HF5382.5 .U5 O23 2012

Occupational outlook handbook. 2012-2013 edition. Lanham, Maryland :

Bernan, [2012]

HF5386 .S378 2013

Schiff, Lewis. Business brilliant : surprising lessons from the greatest

self-made business icons. 1st ed. New York : HarperBusiness, c2013.

HF5386 .S4193 2013

Shapiro, Gary. Ninja innovation : the ten killer strategies of the world's

most successful businesses. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, c2013.

HF5415.1265 .S393 2011

Scott, David Meerman. The new rules of marketing & PR : how to use social

media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, & viral

marketing to reach buyers directly. 3rd ed. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley &

Sons, c2011.

HF5415.5 .D467 2012

DeRose, Chris. Judgment on the front line : how smart companies win by

trusting their people. New York : Portfolio/Penguin, c2012.

HF5415.5 .L5657 2013

Lipp, Doug. Disney U : how Disney University develops the world's most

engaged, loyal, and customer-centric employees. 1 Edition. New York :

McGraw-Hill, 2013.

HF5621 .A22 2012

Accountants' handbook. 12th ed. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2012.

HG172.B84 T37 2012

Tap dancing to work : Warren Buffett on practically everything, 1966-2012 :

a Fortune magazine book. New York : Portfolio/Penguin, 2012.

HG179 .H374 2012

Heath, Julia A. Personal finance essentials. New York, NY : Facts On File,


HG179 .H5425 2012

Hirsch, Paddy. Man vs. markets : economics explained (plain and simple).

1st ed. New York : HarperBusiness, 2012.

HG3894 .J36 2012

James, Harold. Making the European monetary union : the role of the

Committee of Central Bank Governors and the origins of the European

Central Bank. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2012.

HJ261 .M37 2012

McCraw, Thomas K. The founders and finance : how Hamilton, Gallatin, and

other immigrants forged a new economy. Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press

of Harvard University Press, 2012.

HJ2051 .W427 2012

Wessel, David. Red ink : inside the high-stakes politics of the federal

budget. 1st ed. New York : Crown Business, c2012.

HM1206 .B47 2012

Berger, Arthur Asa. Media and society : a critical perspective. 3rd ed.

Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2012.

HQ759.912 .C74 2012

Crews, Kambri. Burn down the ground : a memoir. 1st ed. New York :

Villard, c2012.

HQ759.912 .T67 2009

Torres, Andres. Signing in Puerto Rican : a hearing son and his deaf family.

Washington, D.C. : Gallaudet University Press, 2009.

HQ801.82 .S58 2013

Slater, Dan. Love in the time of algorithms : what technology does to

meeting and mating. New York : Current, 2013.

HT1523 .Z33 2011

Zack, Naomi. The ethics and mores of race : equality after the history of

philosophy. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c2011.

HV741 .K674 2012

Kozol, Jonathan. Fire in the ashes : twenty-five years among the poorest

children in America. 1st ed. New York : Crown Publishers, c2012.

HV2380 .L26 2003

Ladd, Paddy. Understanding deaf culture : in search of deafhood. Clevedon,

England ; Buffalo : Multilingual Matters, c2003.

HV2402 .A38 2005

Advances in teaching sign language interpreters. Washington, D.C. :

Gallaudet University Press, c2005.

HV2402 .C37 2009

Cartwright, Brenda E. Encounters with reality: 1,001 interpreter scenarios.

2nd ed. Alexandria, VA : RID Press, c2009.

HV2402 .D43 2008

Deaf professionals and designated interpreters : a new paradigm. Washington,

DC : Gallaudet University Press, c2008.

HV2402 .E375 2005x

Educational interpreting, a practical approach [videorecording]. Rochester,

N.Y. : Rochester Institute of Technology, National Technical Institute for

the Deaf, c2005.

HV2402 .E38 2004

Educational interpreting : how it can succeed. Washington, D.C. : Gallaudet

University Press, 2004.

HV2402 .F57 2008

Fischer, Tammera J. Establishing a freelance interpretation business :

professional guidance for sign language interpreters. 3rd ed. Hillsboro,

OR : Butte Publications, c2008.

HV2402 .H688 2010

Hoza, Jack. Team interpreting as collaboration and interdependence.

Alexandria, VA : Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc., c2010.

HV2402 .K455 2012

Kelly, Jean Elaine. Interactive interpreting : let's talk. Alexandria,

VA : RID Press, c2012.

HV2402 .M69 2005

Moxham, Tamara. Deaf patients, hearing medical personnel : interpreting and

other considerations. Hillsboro, OR : Butte Publications, c2005.

HV2402 .R87 2002

Russell, Debra L. Interpreting in legal contexts : consecutive and

simultaneous interpretation. Burtonsville, Md. : LInstok Press, 2002.

HV2402 .S43 2004

Seal, Brenda Chafin. Best practices in educational interpreting. 2nd ed.

Boston : Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, c2004.

HV2402 .S54 2005

Sign language interpreting and interpreter education : directions for

research and practice. New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.

HV2402 .S76 2009

Stone, Christopher. Toward a deaf translation norm. Washington, D.C. :

Gallaudet University Press, c2009.

HV2474 .E38 2012

In our hands : educating healthcare interpreters. Washington, D.C. :

Gallaudet University Press, 2012.

HV2474 .H655 2009

Hoffman, Cheryl M. Comprehensive reference manual for signers and

interpreters. 6th ed. Springfield, Ill. : Charles C. Thomas, 2009.

HV2508 .G42 2000

Gebron, Julie. Sign the speech : an introduction to theatrical interpreting.

2nd ed. Hillsboro, OR : Butte Publications, c2000.

HV2545 .H53 2011

The hidden treasure of Black ASL : its history and structure. Washington,

D.C. : Gallaudet University Press, 2011.

HV2545 .N66 2012

Nomeland, Melvia M. The deaf community in America : history in the making.

Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, c2012.

HV4493 .H63 2011

Hombs, Mary Ellen. Modern homelessness : a reference handbook. Santa

Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2011.

HV4505 .W233 2012

Wagner, David. Confronting homelessness : poverty, politics, and the

failure of social policy. Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner Publishers,


HV6046 .W36 2012

Warner, Judith Ann. Women and crime : a reference handbook. Santa Barbara,

Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2012.

HV6432.7 .E445 2012

Eichenwald, Kurt. 500 days : secrets and lies in the terror wars. 1st

Touchstone hardcover ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2012.

HV6773 .G74 2012

Greenberg, Andy. This machine kills secrets : how WikiLeakers, cypherpunks

and hacktivists aim to free the world's information. New York : Dutton,


HV8700.E33 A3 2012

Echols, Damien. Life after death. New York : Blue Rider Press, c2012.

HX39.5 .S67 2013

Sperber, Jonathan. Karl Marx : a nineteenth-century life. 1st ed. New

York : Liveright Pub. Corp., c2013.

JK275 .M27 2012

Mann, Thomas E. It's even worse than it looks : how the American

constitutional system collided with the new politics of extremism. New

York : Basic Books, c2012.

JV6483 .E37 2012

Eastman, Cari Lee Skogberg. Shaping the immigration debate : contending

civil societies on the US-Mexico border. Boulder, Colo. : FirstForumPress,


JZ1242 .W67 2010

World at risk : a global issues sourcebook. 2nd ed. Washington, D.C. : CQ

Press, c2010.

K2155 .I58 2008

Interpreting in legal settings. Washington, D.C. : Gallaudet University

Press, c2008.

KF156 .B53 2009

Black's law dictionary. 9th ed. St. Paul, Minn. : West, c2009.

KF 3975 .N3 W52h 2012

National Fire Protection Association. NFPA 1 fire code handbook. 6th ed.

Quincy, Mass. : National Fire Protection Association ; Salem, Ore. :

Western Fire Chiefs Association, c2012.

KF4242 .L85 2012

Lukianoff, Greg. Unlearning liberty : campus censorship and the end of

American debate. New York : Encounter Books, 2012.

KF4515 .F44 1982

Federalist. The Federalist papers. New York : Bantam, 1982.

KF4557 .G76 2012

Grossman, Mark. Constitutional amendments : an encyclopedia of the people,

procedures, politics, primary documents, campaigns for the 27 Amendments

to the Constitution of the United States. 1st ed. Amenia, NY : Grey

House Pub., 2012.

KF8745.M34 G536 2012

Gibson, Larry S. Young Thurgood : the making of a Supreme Court Justice.

Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, c2012.

KF8745.R44 J46 2012

Jenkins, John A. The partisan : the life of William Rehnquist. 1st ed.

New York : PublicAffairs, c2012.

KF8745.S67 A3 2013

Sotomayor, Sonia. My beloved world. New York : Knopf, 2013.

KFC1100.Z9 C35

California criminal law concepts : confidential instructor's guide. Boston,

MA : Pearson Custom Pub.

KZ1242 .O94 2012

The Oxford handbook of the history of international law. First edition.

Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2012.

LA217.2 .K86 2012

Kumashiro, Kevin K. Bad teacher! : how blaming teachers distorts the bigger

picture. New York : Teachers College Press, Columbia University [2012]

LB1139.23 .K64 2012

Knowledge development in early childhood : sources of learning and classroom

implications. New York : The Guilford Press, 2012.

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The giant encyclopedia of monthly activities for children 3 to 6 : written

by teachers for teachers. Beltsville, Md. : Gryphon House, c2006.

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Alexandria, VA : Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, c2007.

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evaluation for college and university professors. Lanham, Md. : Rowman &

Littlefield Publishers, c2012.

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New YorK : Thomson Delmar Learning, c2007.

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educational materials undermine reforms. Lanham, Md. : Rowman &

Littlefield Publishers, 2012.

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student. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2005.

LB3608 .C36 2013

Campus recreational sports : managing employees, programs, facilities, and

services. Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2013.

LC1023 .M56 2012

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Press, 2012.

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promise of higher education. New York : Teachers College Press, c2012.

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Creating campus cultures : fostering success among racially diverse student

populations. New York : Routledge, 2012.

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approach in early childhood special education. New York : Teachers

College, c2011.

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improving the experience from recruitment to commencement. San

Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2012.

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your child's learning problems. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2010.

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potential in young children and their families. London : Jessica Kingsley

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American ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011.

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States. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.

PE2831 .M48 2012

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New York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

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Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, [2011], 2011.

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Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2013, 2013.

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stories for play acting. Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers,


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University Press, c2012.

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New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2008.

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