Albert H. Myres has had hands-on experience engaging in government affairs, regulatory affairs, public affairs, and international relations

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Albert H. Myres

Albert H. Myres has had hands-on experience engaging in government affairs, regulatory affairs, public affairs, and international relations. He has directed these functions with Fortune 250 corporations throughout his professional career. During this time period, he has advised CEO's, elected officials, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and non-profits on public policy and resolution management.

Following the sale of RRI energy, Albert formed A Myres and Associates LLC. A consulting firm specializing in government and regulatory affairs, public policy, resolution management, and coalition engagement strategies relating to the on the Oil and Gas industry.

In 2012, Albert teamed up with an investment group from South Africa and Germany to establish the US operations of Octcet, Inc. Octcet’s core function is to develop and market a unique range of technologically advanced diesel and gasoline additives designed to address the need to reduce toxic emissions and improve fuel efficiency. As an equity owner and Executive Vice President, Albert is leading the effort to establish Octcet’s presence in the US and abroad.

Before leaving corporate America, Albert served as the Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for RRI Energy, Inc., Albert directed the federal, state, regional, and local legislative and government affairs activities for the company. He was the company's "voice" in Washington and was responsible for structuring and implementing public policy strategies to enhance and maintain competitive commercial wholesale markets. Albert also oversaw stakeholder engagement activities directed at creating and promoting dialog with key stakeholders.

During his tenure with Reliant Energy, Albert provided oversight of federal and state government affairs, communications, community affairs and the Reliant Energy Foundation. His primary responsibilities included leading the company's efforts in implementing corporate strategies by developing and advocating policy positions to cultivate and maintain competitive commercial, industrial and residential markets across the United States.

Before joining Reliant Energy, Albert served as Senior Advisor and Chief of Staff to the President and Country Chairman of Shell Oil Corporation. During his 11 years tenure, he served in several other senior level positions. Before joining the President's office, Albert was senior advisor of the Washington D.C. government affairs office of Shell. His duties included representing the chemical, hydrogen, solar, and wind interests of the company in Washington and represented Shell’s international interest with Nigeria in Washington and in Nigeria. He also served as Vice President of the Shell Oil Company Foundation, one of the nation's largest corporate foundations.

Prior to joining Shell, Albert served as director for the Texas office for United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Albert actively participates with many community service organizations.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Ike, Houston Mayor Bill White appointed Albert as chairman of the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund. Modeled after the successful Katrina/Rita Fund, which Albert also led, the fund is dedicated to helping fill unmet human needs for families in Harris and Galveston counties and other affected areas. Albert also created and implemented the Katrina/Rita Education Initiative, a $5 million project to provide immediate intervention for displaced children who fell behind their peers in reading and math skills. Between both the Katrina/Rita Fund and the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund, Albert in conjunction with the Mayor and board members were responsible for raising $23 million in private donations for those in need.

Albert currently serves on the Board of the Greater Houston YMCA and the Public Policy Board of the University of Houston Center for Public Policy.

Albert earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Tulsa. He lives in Houston with his wife, Angela and three sons.

4747 Research Drive

Suite 180, #101

The Woodlands, Texas 77381


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