1099 Pro® 1999 Help Manual 1099 Pro® 1999 a product of 1099 Pro Incorporated Help File Authored by lh rothman All Rights Reserved Table of Contents

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1099 Pro® 1999

Help Manual

1099 Pro® 1999

A Product of 1099 Pro Incorporated

Help File Authored by LH Rothman

All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents

Readme First! 8

Instant Help 9

Technical Resources 9

Technical Support Technical Support 10

Printer Troubleshooting 10

Video Display Issues 13

Spool Settings 15

Who Is 1099 Pro, Inc.? 17

Tax Supplies 18

Service Bureau 21

New for 1999 22

Register/Activate DEMO Software Registration/DEMO Activation 23

System Requirements 24

Roll Forward Data 24

Password Options 26

Backup Data 26

Field Size 28

Print Status Defined 29

General Instructions 31

Magnetic Media/Electronic Reporting 40

Paper Document Reporting 41

Combined Fed/ST Filing Program 42

Guidelines for TINs 43

Penalties 44

Name Control 46

Backup Withholding 48

Filing - When, Where & Extensions Form 8809 49

Filers 50

Recipients 52

Transmitters 53

Report Previews 54

Form Control Totals 54

Form Counts Filer Listing 55

Report Print Session Detail 55

Report 1096 Detail 56

Recipient Listing 56

Browse Print Session Log 56

Browse 1096 Session Log 57

Browse Voided Forms 58

Export Database to ASCII Files 59

Sample Import Files 59

Creating Import Files 60

Import ASCII Files 61

Browse Import Session Log 63

Create IRS Compliant MM Files 64

Browse MagMedia Session Log 66

MagMedia File Viewer/Report 67

Upload to Service Bureau 68

Generate Form W-9 Form W-9 History 74

Form W-7 Form 6847 Form 4419 75

Correction Module 75

Select Filer 76

Form Entry/Print 76

Form History/Reprint 78

Generate 1096 Wizard 80

1099 Pro® 1999 is solely a tool to convey information in a format that the IRS deems appropriate. Incorrect or missing information is the responsibility of the purchaser/user of the software. The purchaser/user of the software is responsible for the final checking of output from the software package including any and all paper documents, electronic, and magnetic media reporting to the IRS. Any and all information included in this help file is provided solely as a means to familiarize the purchaser/user with IRS policies and publications. Any and all information should be verified due to changes or updates in tax laws. Consult a tax specialist/advisor for questions concerning your informational tax reporting obligations.

Copyright © 1988-1999 by 1099 Pro, Inc.

Getting Started - Readme first!

Who Is 1099 Pro, Inc.?

1099 Pro, Inc. provides a full range of products including tax supplies and a Service Bureau to meet all your 1099, W-2 and 1042-S filing needs. Software products include 1099 Pro® Single and Multi-User/Network versions, the Magnetic Media Module, W2 Pro™, 1042-S Pro™ and Tax Pro®.

What Is 1099 Pro® 1999?

1099 Pro® is an easy-to use program designed to prepare all nineteen 1099 Informational Returns for tax year 1999. With 1099 Pro you can import or manually enter data, print forms, generate reports, file magnetically or electronically* for unlimited filers and recipients and much more! Additionally, 1099 Pro purchasers qualify for a BONUS copy of Tax Pro 9.0 for preparing Form W-2 to preprinted forms.

*Magnetic and electronic filing requires the additional purchase of the Magnetic Media Module.
Main Window

A true Windows application, 1099 Pro's main window includes menu and tool bars for easy navigation. Tool bar buttons are color coded: red to indicate they contain records and black to indicate they're empty (Image 1).

(Image 1)


1099 Pro includes keyboard shortcuts to allows users to quickly access databases and move between screens. Use the Preference screen to customize data entry options.


1099 Pro offers a password feature to protect sensitive company data.


1099 Pro will backup data files in a zip format to any specified drive. 1099 Pro prompts for a backup everyday or customize the prompt to your liking via the Preference screen.

Roll Forward Data

1099 Pro includes a "roll forward" utility to copy 1099 Pro 1998 recipient and filer data into 1099 Pro 1999.

Activate DEMO

The 1099 Pro DEMO is fully functional with the exception of the print mechanism (only sample data prints). To print your data you must purchase and activate the DEMO.

Getting Help

1099 Pro features tool tips in addition to context-sensitive help screens accessible via the key. To order tax supplies or for a listing of FAQ's refer to www.1099pro.com. Technical resources, technical support and a service bureau are also available.

Preparing Forms - An Overview

Follow these steps to quickly prepare forms.

  1. Order any necessary tax supplies.

  2. Create filer(s).

  3. Enter recipient data.

  • Import data, or

  • Manually enter data.

  1. Print recipient copies.

  2. Mail recipient copies by 1/31/2000 deadline.

  • Wait a few weeks AFTER mailing recipient copies to print the IRS Copy A and 1096 Transmittal as changes may be requested.

  1. Decide how to file with the SSA:

  • If filing on paper:

  • Print IRS Copy A and State Copy 1 (if appropriate).

  • Generate 1096 transmittal.

  • Mail Copy A and transmittal to the IRS by 2/28/2000 deadline.

  • If filing on magnetic media:

  • Use Form 4419 to apply for a TCC.

  • Create magnetic media file and print Forms 4804/4802.

  • Mail the media and form(s) to the IRS by 2/28/2000 deadline.

  • If filing electronically (best choice!):

  • Use Form 4419 to apply for a TCC.

  • Create electronic file.

  • Post file on the FIRE System by 3/31/2000 deadline.

 The Rule-of-250 requires any employer or filer with 250+ forms of any one type to file electronically or magnetically or face severe penalties.

Instant Help

Context-Sensitive Help

Use the key at any screen to access context-sensitive help screens.

 The key is located in the upper left corner of your keyboard.
Search for Topic

To search for a topic

  • At the 1099 Pro menu bar click "Help" and "Contents" to access the help manual table of contents, or

  • At the 1099 Pro menu bar click "Help", "Search for Help On" and at the "Index" tab type the first few letters of the word you're looking for. For example, type "pen" to display the Penalties topic.

Print a Topic

To print a topic

  • Click the "Print" button, or

  • Use "CTRL + P" to display the Print dialog box.

Technical Resources

The 1099 Pro Website

Users sing the praises of our websites! In addition to 24 hour a day, 7 day a week accessibility, our website provides:

  • EXE Files: Download software and patches.

  • FAQ's: Answers to the most frequently asked questions about 1099 Pro.

  • Tax Links: Go directly to the FEDWORLD or US Treasury website. From FEDWORLD you can get almost any tax document, publication or instruction necessary.

  • Software Links: Need a driver for your printer or a video card? Find links to HP, Microsoft, etc... on our website OR download this software directly from our FTP site.

Website addresses

1099 Pro®


W2 Pro™


Tax Pro®


1042-S Pro™


TRA97 Web Center


Contact the IRS or SSA

(304) 263-8700

IRS centralized call site for W-2, W-3, 1098, 1099, 5498 & W-2G informational returns

(800) TAX-FORM

IRS forms, instructions and publications

(800) -829-4059

TTY/TTD access to IRS forms, instructions and publications


IRS website


IRS FTP site

(304) 264-7070

IRS Bulletin Board System Modem (aka IRP-BBS)

(410) 965-1133

SSA Bulletin Board System Modem

(202) 512-1800

Internal Revenue Bulletin Board

Technical Support

1099 Pro includes context-sensitive help screens and an Internet FAQ page as the first means of supporting your use of our product. If these sources do not contain the answers to your questions, contact technical support by phone, fax or email.

To help us better help you, please follow these steps when contacting technical support:

  1. If you call, be at your computer.

  2. Provide the following information:

  • Registered user's name and company name

  • The wording of any error messages that appear on your screen

  • A list of what steps were taken prior to the problem

1099 Pro, Inc. technical support is available as follows:


(888) 776-1099 or (310) 827-5580

Monday through Friday

7:30am to 5:30pm, PST

Saturday & Sunday (peak tax season only)

8:00am to Noon, PST


(310) 827-5598





 Complimentary technical support is limited to questions regarding 1099 Pro software. 1099 Pro, Inc. is NOT authorized to provide accounting, tax or legal advice. Please direct such questions to your accountant or attorney. Calls may be limited during peak tax season.

Accounting/Tax Advice

Our lawyer says we can't give out advice and we don't. However, 1099 Pro maintains the publication issued by the Department of the Treasury / INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE "1999 INSTRUCTIONS FOR 1099 INFORMATIONAL RETURNS" on our FTP site FREE OF CHARGE! To download and print the above go to www.1099pro.com/ftp/IRS_INST/ and download the PDF document.

Printer Troubleshooting


Adjust margins if data does not align in the appropriate box. Try numbers in increments of +50 or -50.

 The red ink on Copy A is invisible to the IRS scanners. Thus, if your data slightly overlaps the red ink it is not a cause for concern.

Errors - General

"Error Downloading Fonts": Change your spool settings from EMF to RAW.

"Invalid Record Declaration (47) Accessing TAXDATA.TPS [or FILERS.TPS]. Press OK to end this application": Users that uninstall 1099 Pro and then reinstall it may get the following message, "Invalid Record Declaration (47) Accessing TAXDATA.TPS [or FILERS.TPS]. Press OK to end this application". This error occurs because some files were not deleted during the automatic uninstall. Users must perform a custom uninstall on 1099 Pro (and select all files for deletion) and then reinstall the software.
Virus Checker: Occassionally a virus checker (i.e. Norton or McAffee) can corrupt the installation and give random errors. If this is happens, backup your data files, perform a custom uninstall and then reinstall the software with the virus checker disabled.
HP LaserJet Won't Print - w/ install disk(s) available*: To install a standard PCL driver install the printer exactly as follows:

  1. In Windows 95 click "Start", "Settings" and "Printers".

  2. Click on the "Add Printer" icon and at the "Add Printer Wizard" browse screen click on "Next".

  3. Click on "Local Printer" and click "Next".

  4. Select "Have Disk" and insert the diskette provided with your HP LaserJet printer into drive A.

  5. Select "Standard Port 1" and click "Continue".

  6. Select "Custom Installation" and UNCHECK "HP Font Smart" and "HP Jet Admn" then "Continue".

  7. Click "No, We Don't Want to Go Back" to complete the custom installation of your HP LaserJet 5/5M printer.

*If install disk(s) is not available please refer to "Obsolete Driver for HP 5, 5L, 5M, 5N, 6P and 6MP" below.
Errors - Driver Specific

Printer Does Not Print: Make sure you have an HP printer driver or an emulation of an HP II or higher. For example, if printing to an HP 5SI with a Postscript driver selected nothing happens. To select a PCL driver:

  1. In Windows 95 click "Start", "Settings" and "Printers".

  2. Right click the printer in question and click on "Properties" and "Details".

  3. At the "Details" screen select the PCL driver* to use and click "OK and then "Apply".

*If you do not have a current PCL driver please refer to the 1099 Pro website for links to HP and Compaq websites OR refer to the 1099 Pro FTP Site to download a driver.
HP 2: 1099 Pro® 1999 will not print to this printer.
HP 5* and 6P Series Obsolete driver**: Go into File, Print Setup and select a 4 series printer. If your printer still does not work then download LJ622en.exe (a standard PCL driver) at www.1099pro.com/ftp/drivers/printer. Follow these installations directions:

  1. Download LJ622en.exe and unzip it into the directory C:/LJ622EN (it should automatically default to this directory).

  2. Verify the file is in the directory.

  3. In Windows 95 click on "Start", "Settings" and "Printers".

  4. Click on "Add Printers" icon.

  5. Click on "Have Disk".

  6. Click on "Browse", go to the C:/LJ622EN directory.

  7. Highlight the file OEM95.INF and click "OK" to select.

  8. Highlight the HP LaserJet 5L (PCL) OR APPROPRIATE PRINTER.

  9. Finally, click on "Next" and the driver will install.

  10. Verify that the test page prints correctly.

  11. Go into 1099 Pro® 1999 and click "File" and "Printer Setup".

  • Click on the APPROPRIATE PRINTER and highlight it as the default printer for 1099 Pro® 1999 to use.

*Except the HP 5SI MX.

**If install disk(s) is available please refer to "HP LaserJet Won't Print" above.
HP 5SI MX Driver: As of this writing, the standard PCL driver from HP is under revision. Use the HP 4SI driver that comes on your Windows 95 or NT disk. Go to add a printer and select HP and the HP 4SI printer. In 1099 Pro remember to click on "File" & "Printer Setup" and select this printer/printer driver when using 1099 Pro. Do not use the HP version of the HP-4SI driver!

HP 6L Obsolete Driver: At the menubar in 1099 Pro click on "File" and "Print Setup". Select the "5MP" printer and click "OK". If 1099 Pro still does not print it may be necessary to install the LJ622EN.EXE driver for the 5MP as detailed above.
HP 6MP Driver: In a typical installation three drivers (Enhanced, PostScript & Standard) are created. 1099 Pro prints only with the Standard driver selected. If the Standard driver is not installed, the pink HP CD-ROM or LJ388EN.EXE from at www.1099pro.com/ftp/drivers/printer) is required. Follow these directions exactly:

  1. In Windows 95 click on "Start" and "Run" and browse for Setup.exe. Click "OK".

  2. Proceed as prompted by the Install Wizard.

  3. Click on "Local Printer" and click "Next".

  4. At the "Method of Installation" screen select "Custom Installation".

  5. At the "Select Components" screen: Print Drivers click "Options" and check "Standard Print Driver" ONLY; HP FontSmart must be UNCHECKED; HP LaserJet Toolbox to remain checked. Click "Continue".

  6. Continue through the remainder of the setup procedure as prompted.

  7. At the conclusion of the setup procedure restart windows (as prompted by the Install Wizard).

 If using a ZIP drive it may be necessary - in rare instances - to disengage the ZIP in order to print.
HP 4000 Driver: The recently introduced HP 4000 Series of printers is compatible with 1099 Pro, however the minimum driver installation installs PCL 6 which is not compatible with 1099 Pro. To install the correct driver the user must have the pinkish CD-ROM* from HP and perform the following:

  1. Using Windows Explorer browse the CD. If your operating system is Win 95 or Win 98 then double click on the Win95 folder.

  2. Double Click on the Disk 1 folder and double click on Setup.exe (or Setup).

  3. Skip the Internet Install.

  4. Select the Custom install.

  5. Select your printer from the list (e.g., HP 4000 TN).

  6. Select LPT1 if the printer is connected to your computer or if the printer is connected to the network select Browse & then select the printer.

  7. At the list of checkboxes check only HP Laserjet pcl5e Driver and uncheck the other boxes.

* The pcl5e driver (LJ388EN.EXE) is also available at www.1099pro.com/ftp/drivers/printer/ for download.

 While in 1099 Pro, click on File, Printer Setup to verify 1099 Pro uses the above printer/driver for printing. It may be necessary to change the spool settings from EMF to RAW.

HP 8100: The HP Laserjet 8100 Series comes with a PCL 5e print driver that will print 1099 Pro forms on blank paper. Unfortunately this print driver takes a long time to create our forms. To solve this problem please install a new print driver for your HP Laserjet 8100 Series printer using the HP Laserjet 4SI print driver found in Windows 95,98 or NT.
Obsolete Driver all other printers: If you get a message when printing the whole form with graphics that your print driver is obsolete, install a new (or additional) print driver. Drivers for many printers (i.e. Epson, Compaq etc.) are available at www.1099pro.com/ftp OR contact the manufacturer of your printer.
Errors - Dot Matrix/Continuous Printers (General)

To successfully print to a dot matrix or continuous printer verify:

  • Printer is set to print at 12 CPI (characters per inch), and

  • Paper size is 8½" x 11" (user defined sizes are not supported), and

  • Both software and hardware options are set to ignore the perforation at the end of the preprinted sheet.

12 CPI (characters per inch)

1099 Pro prints at 12 CPI to allow the maximum number of characters per field (e.g., 36 characters in a name field). Accordingly, your printer must be set at 12 CPI. To set your printer either:

  • Adjust the front panel of the printer manually by setting the CPI to 12 and selecting a font like Courier. Do not select a proportional font or the IRS may fine you $50 for each form!, or

  • On your Windows desktop click "Start", "Settings", "Printers" and highlight the printer. Right click the mouse, select "Properties" and click the "Device Options" tab if available (may not be available). You must know what control code(s) will set your printer to 12 CPI. For example, in the case of many Epson printers you would hit the key and type an uppercase M and M would then display in the box. This may differ for your printer. (After printing your dot matrix forms you may wish to clear these control codes or set up a generic 12CPI printer as discussed below.)

Perforation / Dip Switch

When printing continuous forms your printer may have dip switches that cause the printer to skip over the perforation. This will be apparent if data does not print at the bottom of the page, but rather skips to the top of the next page. Please check the following two items in this regard:

  1. The dip switches are set so that "Skip over Perf" is inactive or off.

  2. At the menubar click "File", "Print Setup" and click "specific printer''. Verify the paper setting size is 8½" x 11" and that the selector box says "Source Continuous - No Page Break".

Errors - Dot Matrix/Continuous Printers (Specific)

Generic Print Driver

If 1099 Pro indicates your driver is obsolete then consider installing an additional print driver.

  • Go to the Windows Machine connected to the dot matrix printer. Click "Start", "Settings", "Printers" and "Add Printer". In the left window select "Generic" and then "Next". Keep your existing driver, select LPT1 (if appropriate) and name the printer "Generic12CPI". Indicate this is NOT the default printer and provide the computer with your Windows CD if prompted. If you have installed this new print driver please verify paper size is 8½" x 11" and dip switches are off.

  • If you are on a Windows Network you must install this "Generic12CPI" driver on the computer connected to the printer and allow sharing. To allow sharing click "Start", "Settings", "Printers", right click on "Generic12CPI" and select "Sharing".

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