Usage of Modality Identification attributes Status: Letter Ballot

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CP-557 Date 2005/08/22

Usage of Modality Identification attributes Status: Letter Ballot

DICOM Correction Item

Correction Number CP-557

Log Summary: Usage of Modality Identification attributes

Type of Modification


Name of Standard

PS 3.3 – 2004

Rationale for Correction

Supplement defines an Enhanced General Equipment Module with a note indicating that the data producing equipment has to be identified and a toolkit or platform that encodes the data into a DICOM SOP Instance.

Proposed is to add that note also to the General Equipment Module.

Sections of documents affected

PS 3.3 Section C.7.5.1

Correction Wording:

C.7.5.1 General Equipment Module

Table C.7-8 specifies the Attributes that identify and describe the piece of equipment that produced a Series of Composite Instances.

Note: The attributes Manufacturer (0008,0070), Manufacturer’s Model Name (0008,1090), Device Serial Number (0018,1000) and Software Versions (0018,1020) are intended to be a primary identification of the system that produces the data (e.g., modality or workstation application providing the content of the SOP Instance) and not the identification of the component that encodes the SOP Instance (e.g., a commonly used DICOM encoding toolkit).

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