Uks2: Britain since World War 2 Theme 1: Global Society

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UKS2: Britain since World War 2 Theme 1: Global Society

These sessions link to the Literacy Narrative Plan 3: Refugees stories & The Arrival. We strongly recommend that you download & teach this alongside sessions 7-9a.

Session 9: Well-known Immigrants History/English

Session 9a: Biographies English

Range and Breadth: His: 8b Britain since WW2. Eng: En2 9b Read print & ICT-based information materials.

Range and Breadth: Eng: En3 9b Write to inform & explain. 12 Use a range of writing.


History: Skills, knowledge & understanding


English: En3 Writing [Main]


Be aware of the place that many immigrants or descendents of immigrants have achieved in our society. 2b Study social, cultural & ethnic diversity of Britain. 4b Record info relevant to enquiry.


Write a biography or fact sheet about a well-known immigrant or person of immigrant descent. 1a Choose form & content to suit a particular purpose. 1c Use language & style that are appropriate to the reader. 1d Use & adapt the features of a form of writing, drawing on their reading. 1e Use features of layout, presentation & organisation effectively. 2a-f Plan, draft, revise, proofread, present & discuss their writing.


English: En2 Reading [Main]


Research immigrants who have become well-known. 3a Scan texts for info. 3c Obtain specific info/detailed reading. 3e Use organisational features

Whole class teaching Most immigrants who have come to Britain have brought skills with them and some have become well-known. The first MPs from the Caribbean community were elected to Parliament in 1987. Caribbean musicians have contributed to the British music scene. In 2004 over 20% of the football players in the English Premier League were of Caribbean descent, including Rio Ferdinand & Aaron Lennon. Other famous Caribbean sportspeople include Linford Christie & Tessa Sanderson who were both athletes. Benjamin Zephaniah, whose book of poetry called We are Britain was used at the start of this Theme, is also of Caribbean descent. In 2002 Paul Boateng became Britain’s first black government Minister – he was of mixed Ghanaian & Scottish descent. There are many famous Britons of Asian descent too, e.g. sportsmen - Amir Khan the boxer, won a silver medal for Britain at the 2004 Olympic Games, Nasser Hussain was captain of the England cricket team & Michael Chopra played football in the Premier League. One famous Asian musician was Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara), who led the rock band Queen & famous actors include Sir Ben Kingsley & Art Malik. Emphasise that these people are all British!

Whole class teaching

Write autobiography & biography on the f/c. Ask chn what is meant by these forms of writing. Have some sample books available to show chn, including thoise written specially for chn such as the OUP True Lives series. Read sample extracts from some biographies in particular. Discuss the features of both autobiographies & biographies – what are the similarities & the differences? Make a list of the features on f/c (see session resources). First or third person, past tense, chronological writing, facts, achievements, etc. Explain that chn are going to write a fact file or biography of one of the immigrants or descendents of immigrants that were identified yesterday. Two class books will be produced to be put into the school library for other chn to read. This means that chn must plan & draft their writing and then share it with a response partner before revising & correcting spelling & punctuation errors. Volunteers who finish their fact file or biography could produce a front cover for the books.


Chn choose one of the well-known immigrants or people of immigrant descent to write a fact file about (session resources). Explain that this should be suitable for younger chn. Edit their work before producing the clear final copy.


Chn write a short biography of one of the well-known immigrants or people of immigrant descent. Make notes on session resource. & then plan the layout of their biography. Include at least one picture of the person. Explain that this should be suitable for chn of their own age & that it should emphasise how lucky we are in Britain to have such a wonderful person as a recent immigrant or as a descendent of immigrants. Edit their work before producing the clear final copy. TD


Explain that chn will work in groups to research immigrants or those of immigrant descent, who have become well-known Britons. Give each grp a particular section of society, e.g. sportspeople, pop stars, film & TV stars & ask them to identify & list well-known people of immigrant descent (noting their country of origin). Kick start research using session resources. TD


As Easy/Medium group, but research different areas of society in two groups – politicians & writers. Examples can be found in session resources.


Each group brings their findings to a class discussion. Add to the list of prominent immigrants or descendents of immigrants (session resources). Discuss how our society would be so much poorer without these people.


Volunteers read all or part of their fact file or biography. Ask other chn to comment on interesting or surprising facts. Collect the work together in a two class books that could be read by other chn in the school library.

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