Tomer's Aerosmith Collection

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Tomer's Aerosmith Collection:

Aerosmith – Vinyl Record

Aerosmith – Audio Cassette

Aerosmith – Japan Mini Lp Sleeve (a mini vinyl record case only with a cd inside. Plus additional booklet with Lyrics)

Get Your Wings

Get Your Wings – Audio Cassette

Toys in the Attic

Toys in the Attic – Vinyl Record

Toys in the Attic – Audio Cassette

Toys in the Attic – Collector's Edition Gold cd


Rocks – Audio Cassette

Rocks – Vinyl Record
Draw the Line

Draw the Line – Vinyl Record

Draw the Line – Audio Cassette
Live Bootleg

Live Bootleg – Vinyl Records

Live Bootleg – Audio Cassette
Night in the Ruts

Night in the Ruts – Vinyl Record

Night in the Ruts – Audio Cassette
Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits – Audio Cassette

Greatest Hits 1973-1988 (17 tracks)
Rock in a Hard Place

Rock in a Hard Place – Vinyl Record

Rock in a Hard Place – Audio Cassette
Done With Mirrors

Done With Mirrors – Vinyl Record

Done With Mirrors – Audio Cassette
Classics Live

Classics Live – Audio Cassette

Classics Live-2

Classics Live-2 Audio Cassette

Classics Live Complete
Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation – Vinyl Record

Permanent Vacation – Audio Cassette

Gems – Audio Cassette


Pump – Japan (with bonus track-Ain't Enough and additional booklet with lyrics)

Pump – Limited Edition (Leather Bound Cover)

Pump – Vinyl Record

Pump – Audio Cassette
Pandora's Box (1991 original long box)

Pandora's Box (1997 small Jewel box case)

Pandora's Box – Audio Cassettes (in the long box format)
Pandora's Toys

Pandora's Toys – Limited Edition (With wooden box, patch, sticker & the cd "The Story of Aerosmith".Seriel number 8137 from 10,000)

Pandora's Toys – Audio Cassette
The Big Ten Inch Sampler – 10 track promo sampler for Pandora's Box

Get a Grip

Get a Grip – U.S. Version (Without Can't Stop Messin')

Get a Grip – Limited Edition (Cowhide Cover Version)

Get a Grip – Audio Cassette
Big Ones

Big Ones – U.S. Version (Without "Dude"-Live)

Big Ones – Audio Cassette

Big Ones – Vinyl Records

The Box of Fire + the Box of Fire Bonus cd (The 5 songs in the Box of Fire Bonus cd are: Sweet Emotion, Rockin' Pneumonia & the Boogie Woogie Flu, Subway, Circle Jerk, Dream On-with orchestra {MTV Anniversary} )
Made in America – 6 track compilation cd
Nine Lives – Original cover, 14 tracks

Nine Lives – 1999 version, 15 tracks (With "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing")

Nine Lives – U.S. Version original cover, 13 tracks (Without "Falling Off")

Nine Lives + I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing Single (2 cd set. The international version of Nine Lives {14 tracks} Plus the single cd of IDWTMAT)

Nine Lives – Japan (with bonus track-Fall Together and additional booklet with Lyrics)

Nine Lives – Japan original cover (with bonus track-"Fall Together", Additional booklet with Lyrics & a sticker)

Nine Lives – Audio Cassette

Nine Lives – Japan Mini Lp Sleeve (a mini vinyl record case only with a cd inside. Plus additional booklet with Lyrics and 2 mini vinyl sleeves of the original Lp records)

Nine Lives Japan 1998 Special Edition – Nine Lives Japan+Box of Fire bonus cd. With an extra lyrics booklet & additional booklet with band photos and tour information

A Little South of Sanity

A Little South of Sanity – Limited Edition

A Little South of Sanity – Audio Cassettes

The Universal Masters Collection: Classic Aerosmith
Just Push Play

Just Push Play – Japan Special Edition (Includes the Japan Just Push Play cd 14 track. without "Face" and with bonus tracks "Won't Let You Down" & "IDWTMAT". Plus the 6 tracks bonus cd "Live & Rare" with "Just Push Play Remix" & 5 live tracks from California Jam & Texas Jam 78. Plus 2 bonus booklets with extra lyrics and tour information)

Just Push Play – Audio Cassette
Young Lust: the Aerosmith Anthology
O, Yeah Ultimate Aerosmith Hits
Honkin' On Bobo

Honkin' On Bobo – Limited Edition (with a special keychain with harmonica)

Honkin' On Bobo – Vinyl Record

Honkin' On Bobo – Japan (with bonus song "Jaded" and an extra booklet with Lyrics)

The Joe Perry Project \ Joe Perry:

Let the Music Do the Talking

I've Got The Rock N' Rolls Again

Once a Rocker Always a Rocker

The Best of the Joe Perry Project

Joe Perry – Joe Perry

Joe Perry – Joe Perry (Dual Disc)

Rag Doll – Limited Edition Picture cd

The Other Side

Eat the Rich


Shut Up and Dance

Livin' on the Edge

Crazy \ Blind Man

Falling In Love

Hole in My Soul

Pink – Limited Edition with mini-poster

Sweet Emotion – Limited Edition Single (With "Sweet Emotion", "Subway" & "Circle Jerk")

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing – Platinum Hits

Fly Away From Here


Girls of Summer

Baby Please Don't Go – Promotion only single, not for sale

Soundtracks\Compilations with Aerosmith Songs:

Less than Zero

(Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu)

Wayne's World 2

(Shut Up and Dance-Live, Dude Looks Like a Lady-Live)

Last Action Hero

(Dream On with Orchestra MTV 10'Th anniversary)

Woodstock 94

(Draw the Line\FINE)


(IDWTMAT, Sweet Emotion, Come Together, What Kind of Love Are You On, Animal Crackers)

Charlie's Angels

(Angel's Eye)

Rugrats Go Wild

(Lizard Love)

Lightning in a Bottle

(I'm a King Bee)

The Making of Pump

You Gotta Move

Things That Go Pump In the Night

Big Ones You Can Look At

Video Scrapbook

Live Texas Jam 78

Other DVD's:

Wayne's World 2

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Mike Myers (with the 1990 sketch with Aerosmith on Wayne's World)

The Simpsons – Complete Season 3 Box Set (with the episode "Flaming Moe's")

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