Testing programs

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This policy shall apply to all standardized testing done in the Friess Lake School District, including: Achievement testing, ability testing, competency testing and state mandated testing.
Procedures used for the testing of students should be consistent with procedures that are already in place to serve students. The purposes and procedures for testing should be appropriate and well understood by parents, administrators, support staff and teachers. This will require careful development of policies and procedures, as well as clear communication and in-service training to all people involved.
A. Testing of EEN Students

The Friess Lake School District supports the right of all EEN students to be provided

equal educational opportunities and equal access to programs and services that are

afforded non-EEN students.

In the testing of EEN students, the individual education plan (IEP) shall be

responsible for developing a plan for each child's participation in the district's

testing program. The IEP committee shall also consider whether modifications, such

as large print editions, answers recorded by an aide, or small group or individual

administration, need to be made. Any modifications in the administration of the tests

should be such that what is measured by the test remains the same.

No student shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or be

subjected to discrimination in any curricular, extra-curricular, student services,

recreational or other program or activity on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race,

national origin, ancestry, color, creed, religion, pregnancy, marital or parental status,

or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability, When separation by sex in education activities is appropriate for health or safety reasons, equal educational opportunities shall be provided for both sexes.

B. Testing of LEP Students

Any Wisconsin student with limited English proficiency as defined in State Statute 115.955(7), may be excluded from tests if the student's language proficiency meets the criteria under State Statute PI 13.03(3)(a) through (d). Any student with English language proficiency meeting criterion (e) under State Statute (I 13.03(3) must be

345 (2)
administered tests if he or she is judged to be able to read and comprehend the particular test being administered.
Parents shall be involved in determining student participation.
C. Competency Based Testing
The purpose of the competency-testing program in the Friess Lake School District is to

assess the attainment of the district's instructional objectives.

To attain this purpose, this district will:
1. Identify the competencies in reading, language arts, and mathematics which nearly

all students should attain by specified grade levels;

2. Provide sequential instruction in the competencies to be tested;
3. Use various evaluation procedures to monitor student progress in these areas;
4. Administer student competency tests twice during grade levels K-5 and once in

grades 6-8;

5. Place responsibility for budgeting, planning, storage, dissemination, and

coordination of the testing materials and results with HAPA and the curriculum

coordinator in conjunction with the testing program;
6. Provide appropriate diagnosis and remediation for students not attaining the

designated proficiency standards;

7. Provide opportunities for students to retake competency tests or portions thereof,

previously failed;

8. Report each student's competency test results to their parent(s) or guardian(s);
9. Receive a report of the competency test results from the district administrator

or designee;

10. Establish a basic skill improvement plan to address any deficiencies indicated in

the report; and

11. Provide for the use of test scores as feedback to individual teachers as the basis for

instructional change.

D. Student Assessment

345 (3)
The Friess Lake School District asserts its belief that test, as managed by competent

professionals, are useful tools, which yield information useful to the furtherance of

educational goals. The school is also aware of the limitations of tests as assessment

tools and recognizes its responsibility to safeguard the integrity of its students within the context of test limitations.

1. The School Board will appoint a designee to coordinate the testing program.
2. Test administration will be within the competence of the individual administering

the test.

3. The types of tests being used will be specified to parents upon their request.
4. The Individual Education Program (I.E.P.) process should serve as the vehicle for

making decisions about the inclusion or exclusion of a student in the testing program or in making any modifications that need to be made in the test administration.

5. Any student with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) that meets criterion (e) under State Statute PI 13.03(3) must be administered all tests used to meet the requirements of standard(s) provided the student is able to read and comprehend the particular tests being administered.
6. A qualified interpreter will be available to parents and students who wish to know test results.
7. Security means the distribution, collection, and maintenance of test data under such safeguards or privacy as specified by state law.
8. Staff will be responsible for securing tests and test results when these are in general use.
9. Formal complaints regarding the testing program will be handled according to board policy.

PI 13.03
CROSS-REFERENCE: 188 Complaint Resolution Process

188 Ex. A Complaint Resolution Process - Concern Form

188 Ex. B Complaint Resolution Process - Administrative Procedure

Adopted: September 23, 1999


Hubertus, Wisconsin

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