Tej4M1-01 Performance Task Class Protocol

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TEJ4M1-01 Performance Task Class Protocol

Class Protocol:

  1. All computers must use Windows 7 as their primary operating system

  2. No commercial firewalls or anti-virus software are allowed to be installed on any computer (aside from laptops, phones, or smart devices). However, Windows Defender is allowed.

  3. No meddling with computer components of opposing groups at any time. For example: any USBs plugged in to computers are not allowed to be physically removed by opposing groups, and any external devices are not allowed to be physically plugged in to opposing groups computers.

  4. There will be one main network admin and two network admin supervisors. The two supervisors and main network admin must consist of one person from each group. Only the main network admin can make changes to the central server. Only the two supervisors can request changes to be made to the central server by the main admin. Network admin supervisors are allowed to see network settings at any time. No changes are to be made to the central server until the main network admin and two network admin supervisors all agree to the change.

    Main Network Admin Name: Ryan CHIRICOSTA

    Network Admin Supervisor 1 Name: Zain Ul ABADIN

Network Admin Supervisor 2 Name: Justin ARCHIBALD

  1. Windows network settings must be set to home network settings.

  2. Laptops/phones/smart devices are allowed on the network with their own software installed. Laptops/phones/smart devices are out of bounds from hacking, but beware and use at your own risk.

  3. The secret message must be stored on your group’s desktop computer, NOT a laptop.

  4. If the network is not up, all groups MUST stop hacking and work together to fix it.

  5. When Mr. Henrich asks for a group to access their file, all other groups are not allowed to spy/tamper with their computer (electronically or physically). If this rule is broken, the consequence will be doubled.

  6. No distributed denial service attacks are allowed (i.e. No “DDosing”).

  7. All computers must use a static ID

If anyone is caught breaking one or more of these rules, the person(s) violating the rule(s) will be removed from the class for 15n minutes, where “n” is the number of offences the person(s) committed. All devices MUST be left in the class.

By signing below, you agree to all the terms outlined in the Class Protocol, and will gracefully accept any consequences put in place.






Abadin, Zain


Archibald, Justin


Bhat, Prarthana


Chen, Tim


Chiricosta, Ryan


Choi, Nathan


Curtis, Alexander


Jaffer, Faisal


Jiang, Andrew


Kablarevic, Daniel


Kartick, Colin


Kim, Matteo


Kirby, Callum


Lu, Daniel


Ning, James


Rasmussen, Ella


Shi, Kevin

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