Notes from the North Kent Patient Consultative Committee Wednesday, 20th January 2015, 11: 00am – 1: 00pm arndale House, 18-20 Spital Street, Dartford, Kent da1 2DL

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Notes from the North Kent Patient Consultative Committee

Wednesday, 20th January 2015, 11:00AM – 1:00PM

Arndale House, 18-20 Spital Street, Dartford, Kent DA1 2DL


Nick Dent (ND)

Jane Knox (JK)

Richard Thornton (RT)

William Stewart (WS)

Gwen McGahey (GM)

Kamila Lobuzinska (KL)

Patient Experience Team Manager (Chair)

ICT Communications & Engagement Lead

IT Project Manager

Liaison Nurse

Acute Service Manager

PPCI Administrator and Personal Assistant to Janet Lloyd

Tony Trett (TT)

William Ruscoe (WR)

Brian Clark (BC)

David Hough (DH)

Geoff Ellott (GE)

Louis Coelho (LC)

Bobbie Taiano (BT)

Medway 5 Carers


Service User Rep – Swale

Experts by Experience group

Carers First

Carers Support & Assessment Worker (Mental Health/Substance Misuse)


Jane Adams (JA)

Service Manager, Medway CMHT

Ruth Boyes (RB)

Rita Daisy (RD)

Jo Smith-Kearney (JSK)

Linda Parker (LP)

Christine Stamp (CS)

Medway 5 Carers

Service User Representative – MEGAN

Volunteer, Independent, Survivor’s Network

Medway GOV

Interim Client Services Manager

1. Apologies for absence

1.1 Apologies noted as above

2. Welcome and Introduction
2.1 A welcome was given by ND

3. Executive Representative
3.1 None
4. Minutes of last meeting
4.1 Minutes from the previous meeting were approved

5. Matters arising

5.1 Actions September/ November 2015

5.1.1 (Action 5.3) BC how many people from the Swale area used the Upnor Ward in Maidstone; GM, this ward has 17 beds – 9 beds are for Swale patients and 8 beds are for people from Ashford; 3 Wards in Dartford dedicated to different areas in North Kent – Woodchurch Ward (Dartford), Cherry Ward (Medway) and Amber Ward (Swale).GM identifying with commissioners the issues about lack of beds during the ‘peak periods’. Refurbish work in Littlebrook Hospital should be completed by October 2016; Trust has 12 beds in Psychiatric Intensive Care (PICU); if people go private there is a need to increase a number of PICU beds; ongoing problem with recruiting staff in Dartford; TT suggested safe/ recovery house for people discharged from the hospital, this issue needs to be raised locally with commissioners

5.1.2 (Action 5.5) ND confirmed that CRHT have been advised of the closure of the Crisis Café in Sheppey are no longer referring people to it.

5.1.3 (Action 8.3) Paul Francis attends the LLG meetings, ACTION ND contact SRS with regards to DH’s attendance
5.2 Direct number for the Crisis team in Medway has been installed. It is 01634 830000, extension 3095
5.3 Canada House needs to have a direct number

6. Patient Portal – Jane Knox and Richard Thornton

6.1 The Patient Portal ( presentation was given by JK and RT. The website provides a patient with a list of important services, including visibility of their Care Plan, Appointments, Information Sharing, and Advanced Instructions. The Patient Portal is winner of the 2015 National Care Coordination Association Good Practice Awards for ‘Promoting Service User Involvement in Delivering Effective Care Processes’

6.2 Discussion around the project

6.2.1 TT, ‘cookies’ how it will affect the system; ACTION JK to share the answer with the group

6.2.2 DH, received confirmation that website will be updated with the Trust’s new developments and initiatives

6.2.3 ND, care plan should be a live document, by having access to their care plan a patient could contact care coordinator to update it

6.2.4 WR, shared alternative opinion about the care plan, a care plan is useful for the service not the service users

6.2.5 DH, care plan as a point of reference, it must to be up to date and contain most relevant information, recovery focussed

6.2.6 DH, asked if the information about patients not attending meetings is flagged up to the care coordinator; ACTION JK to follow it up

7. Statutory reports
7.1 DH (SURF)
7.1.1 DH informed that Virgin Healthcare will take over community healthcare in Swale, Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley areas, although this does not include secondary metal health service and there is no clarification on their position to mental health; Action DH to raise it with the commissioners in Swale and Mental Health Action Group
7.2 BC
7.2.1 Unanswered questions about Personality Disorder Unit in Gillingham; what will replace it? Clarification if people attending PD Unit ended up in A&E; GE the commissioner’s argument is that it was a three year pilot and needs evaluation

7.2.2 Action ND; invite John Rae, Service Manager - Specialist Services for the next meeting

7.3 GE (Expert by Experience group)
7.3.1 GE raised the issue of people kept in police cells, question if there is a policy clarifying this procedure ACTION ND, WS said that in Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust there is an employee in place to help reduce the time children are kept in a police stations or police vehicles

7.4 WR (Medway 5 Carers)

7.4.1 WR believes ‘Medway’ should be removed from the Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust because it presents Medway as separate when it is part of Kent. It was pointed out this name is because Medwy has a separate council to KCC.
7.5 TT
7.5.1 TT the information about service user involvement should be on the patient portal; admission- crisis café’s should be continued; mental health worker should be in each hospital and GP practice – ND mentioned Liaison Psychiatric Service
8. Members’ reports
9. Report to Trust Wide Patient Experience Group (TWPEG)
10. AOB
11 Date of next meetings 2016


Date: Wednesday, 9th March 2016
Time: 11AM-1PM
Venue: Meeting Room, Canada House, Barnsole Road, Gillingham ME7 4JL

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