Kinawley parish records 1761-1767. Page 1- baptisms

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1761. Jan 6. Bap: William, s. of Thomas & Ann Edwards. Godfathers: Andrew Johnston.

Parker Humphrys.

Godmother:………….. Speer.

Jan 28. Bap: Patrick, s. of John & Elizabeth Carson. Godfathers: Richd. Taylor.

Patt. Carson.

Godmothers: Margaret Carson.

Sarah Fossett (Fausett)

Feb. 3, Bap. James, s. of John Mavity.

Feb. 7. Bap. John, s. of John Croazier. (Crozier)

Feb. 19.Bap. Jane, d. of Parker Humphrys & Mary Neterfield.

Godfathers: Law:.(Lawrence) Speer

John Betty (Beatty)

Godmothers: Sarah Manwaring.

Mary Hardman.

Feb. 22. Bap. Patrick, s. of William Moor. Godfathers: Isaac Taylor.

Alexr. (Alexander) Moor.

Godmothers: Isabella Moor.

Elizabeth Taylor.

Feb. 24. Bap. Margarett, d. of James Mears. Godfather: Robert Cotnam.

Godmothers: Jane English.

Mary Hassett.

Mar. 1. Bap. Margarett, d. of Thos.(Thomas) Trimble. Godfather: John Scales.

Godmothers: Allice Power.

Margaret Trimble.
Mar.25. Bap. Allexr. (Alexander) s.of Thos. Jackson.
Mar. 26. Bap. Jane, d. of James Trimble.
Mar. 29. Bap. Easther, d. of Edward Morton.

Page 2.- BAPTISMS (cont)

1761. April 1. Bap. John, s. of John (?Scales) & Mary Graham. Godfathers: Robert Graham.

Willm. Graham.

Godmother: ………Graham.

April 12. Bap. James, s. of John Moffett. Godfathers: Robert King.

Patt. King.

Godmother: Delia Netterfield.
April 25. Bap. Frans (Francis), s. of Frans (Francis) Crawford. Godfathers: Robt. Crawford.

John Crawford.

Godmother: -
May 3. Bap. Mary, d. of Jas. (James) Leadlow & Ann Wood. Godfather: John Leadlow.

Godmother: -

May 10. Bap. John, s. of John Betty Godfathers: Coll. Jon Winn.

Mr. Robert Crawford

Godmother – Mss. Speers.

May 29. Bap. William, s. of William Hill. Godfather: Edwd. Morton.

May 29. Bap. Emilia, d. of Jon Noble.
June (?21). Bap. Cathrine, d. of John McIlroay & Hatton Leam or Lean.

Godfather: Thos. Morton.

Godmothers: Mary McIlroay

Margt. Mordon (Morton)

June 25. Bap. Martin, s. of Martin Bennett, a bastard.
July 3. Bap. Martin, s. of Martin Bennett. (presumably a double entry).

July 5. Bap. Richard, s. of Richard Jackman & Elizabeth Allwell. (might be Attwell)

Godfathers: William Jackman & Robert Johnston.

Godmothers: Frans. (Frances) Johnston

Margt. Jackman.
July 7. Bap. Margaret, d. of James Moffett.

Page 3.


July 17. Samuel Graham of Belnamore , Co. Leitrim, and Leticia Wilson of Aughioule (Aghiole)

Kinawley Parish, Co. Fermanagh.
July 22. Hugh Latimer of Donaraw (Doonareagh), Parish of Mohil, Co.Leitrim, and Jane Morton,

d. of Willm. Morton of Drumboory, Co. Fermanagh.

(They were my g.g.g.grandparents).
Novr.23. Richard Phillips of the Parish of Galloon, and Bridgt (Bridget) Morton, d. of Jon Morton.

(Bridget Morton was the niece of my g.g.g.g.grandfather, Willm.Morton of Drumboory.)

Decr. 27. James Knight and Letitia Waddington, both of the Parish of Kinawley.

Jan. 29. John Abbercrumey (Abercrombie) and Ann Lee, both of Kinawley Parish.

Aug. 22. Peter Creicton (Creighton) and Ann Graham, both of Kinawley Parish.

Feb. 13, Edwd (Edward) Taylor and Cathrn. Mavity, both of Kinawley.

Page 4 - BAPTISMS 1761 continued.
1761. Aug. 30. Bap. Son of Thomas Elliott & Mary Wilson. Godfather: Saml. Graham.
Septr. 27. “ John, son of Thomas Hill and Elizabeth Atwell.

Godfathers: John Morton & Robert Crow.

Godmothers: Mary Mavity & Ann Hill.
“ 27. “ Robert, son of James Bureigh (Burleigh) and Susanna Price.

Godfathers: John Carson & Henry Summerwell.

Godmother: Arabella Price. (?Summerville)

Page 4 (cont).

Octr. 29. “ David, son of William Magee and ……..Ross . (Her name was Jane).

Godfathers: Jose (Joseph) Morton & Jon Morton.

Godmother: Mary Blenor Hassett or Mary Elenor Hassett.

Octr. 29. Bap. Son of Willm Moffett. Godfathers; Hugh Betty and Edward Wilson.

Godmother: Mary Elliott.

Dec. 17. Bap. Jane, dtr, of Thos Graham and Ellenor McLoon, a bastard.

Godfather: Jon McKena (McKenna)

Godmother: Mary Emo & Mary McIlroay.

(Mary McIlroy was the sister of my g.g.g.grandmother, Jane Morton, and the

daughter of Jane Graham. Thomas Graham was probably her first cousin. I don’t

think that she or Mary Emo, who later married Thomas Moffitt, would have stood

Godmother to an illegitimate child. Ellenor McLoon was obviously a Catholic,

And I suspect that she and Thomas Graham had been married in the Catholic

Church, so their marriage might not have been recognised in the C/I. In later

Baptisms Ellenor was said to be “his wife”.

1762. Feb. 19. Bap. Robert, son of Richard Taylor. Godparents: Thos. Moffett. Thos. Phannel, and

Mary Moffett.

Feb. 28. Bap. Son of Robert Crow. Godparents: Geo. (George) Hardman & Alexr. Hardman.
Mar. 10. Bap. Patrick, son of Felix McGunn and Cath. Smyth.

Godparents: Hugh Latimer & Jas. (James) McGunn.

(Hugh Latimer was my 3 x g.grandfather. The name McGunn changed

to Magowan, later.)

May 9. Bap. Arthur, son of Willm. Graham and ……..Graham. (She was Catherine,

nee Nixon.)

Godparents: Thos. Gram (Graham) & Bridget Maguire.

Page 5.- BAPTISMS (cont)
1762. May 10. Bap. Child of Hugh Latimer and Jane Morton. (My 3 x g.grandparents. The child was

George Latimer of Kinmeen) Godparent: Edward Morton. (I believe that

he was Jane’s brother, Edward Morton of Mullaghinchogar).
May 11. Bap. Child of Richard Knight.
May 15. Bap. Edward, son of Jon Reynolds and Ann Murphy. Godparents: Felix Gunn

(previously McGunn) & Cathn. Maguire.

May 16. Bap. James, son of Geo. Graham and ………..Creichton. (She was Susanna Creighton.)
June 30. Bap. Martha, dr, if Jon Morton & Ann Parsons. Godparents: Edwd. Morton.

Mary Doonan (Downey) & Margt. Love.

(This John Morton emigrated to Philadelphia, U.S.A. with his brothers, Edward,

William, Richard, and Thomas, in 1765. His parents, William Morton & Mary

Downey, also went. Mary Doonan (Downey) the Godmother, was his sister. She

must have married her cousin. I think the Doonans came from Galloon Parish)

Sept. 26. Bap. Mary, dtr. to John Taylor and Ann Rice. Godparents: Edward Thompson.

Mary Moffett & Isabella Moffett.

Oct. 29. Bap. John, son of John Hassard and Isabella Crow. Godparents: Robert Wallace.

John Kernan & Judith Attkison.(Atkinson)

Page 5 (cont) – BAPTISMS – 1763.
1763. Mar. Bap. Jane, dtr. of Math.(Matthew) McIlroay and Jane Morton.

Godparents: Hugh Latimer. Jose (Joseph) Morton.

Margt. Morton & Allice Morton.

(This entry is incorrect. The mother’s name was Mary Morton – she was the sister

of my 3 x g.grandmother, Jane Morton, who married Hugh Latimer, the Godfather

of this child.)

Mar. 6. Bap. Martha, dtr. of Edward Morton and Jane Kerr: Godparents: Frans (Francis) Reynolds.

Willm. Morton, Elizabeth Reynolds, and Mary Downey.

(This Edward Morton was the eldest of the five brothers who went to Philadelphia

in 1765. I have a lot of information about them.)

Mar. 6. Bap. Ann, dtr. of William Flanagan and Cathrn (Catherine) Downey.

Godparents: Edward Cullen, Ellener Hill & Ellener Hill.

(The mother of my g.grandmother, Elizabeth Gardiner, was Catherine Flanagan,

and I have wondered if these could be her parents, but I have no proof that they

Mar. 6. Bap. Susanna, dtr. of Willm. Kenney & Alice Mahon. Godparents: Richard McDaniel.

Mary Downey & Elizabeth Mahon.

Apl 17. Bap. Edward, son of Peter Taylor and Mary Jackman.

Godparents: Thomas Veaitch.(Veitch)John Taylor, Grace Pogue, and Elizabeth Jackman.

Apl. 17. Bap. James, son of William Tubman & Ann Noble. Godfathers: Thos. Gregg , and

Thos. Moffett.

Godmothers: Margaret Cox and

Rebecca Johnston.

( The Tubmans were originally Taubman – they were Palatines.)

Apl. 22. Bap. Ann & Cathrine, dtrs of James Trimble and …….Rice. (Her name was Jane)

Godparents: James Thompson, John Taylor, Ann Rice & Cathrine Thompson.)
Apl. ?24. Bap. Sarah, dtr. of Willm. Moor & Susannah How.

Godparents: James How & John Moor.

Emilia Taylor & Susannah Moor.

This was the last entry in which the names of the Godparents were stated. The next entry in the Register is for Marriages in October 1768 – a gap of five and a half years.

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