Instructor: Başak Demirhan

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LIT 212.01 Studies in Literature II

Instructor: Başak Demirhan

Spring 2015

Class Hours: Mon 16:00-16:50 TB 415

Fri 13:00-14:50 M 1152
Studies in Literature II
This course aims to familiarize students with the novel genre. We will read three novels selected from 20th century world literature and discuss themes, issues and narrative techniques to get an in-depth understanding of these novels. The course involves short writing assignments and essay exams designed to develop the students’ analytic and critical thinking skills.
Copies of the books can be found at Günel Fotokopi, in the library, and in second-hand bookstores.

Course Requirements:
Attendance and Participation: You MUST attend the classes and do the readings. Make sure you participate in at least half of the classes during the semester. There will be occasional reading quizzes to test your reading. 10% of final grade.
Response papers: 5 one-page response essays. 20% of final grade.
Midterm exam: This is an open-book exam. You will be asked to identify and interpret passages and answer two short essay questions. 30% of final grade.
Final exam: This is an open-book exam consisting of short and long essay questions. 40% of final grade.
LATE POLICY: Response papers are due on the deadline, whether you come to class or not. It is your responsibility to make sure that I receive your papers by the end of the class hour on the due date.
Final grade break down:

Attendance and participation 10 %

Response papers 20 %

Midterm 1 30 %

Final exam 40 %

Borrowing someone else’s language and/or ideas without proper acknowledgement is academically dishonest and a form of plagiarism, which is an insult to the owner of the original work. Plagiarism has serious academic consequences at Bogazici University. You will receive and F for the assignment for the first time and fail the course for the second case of plagiarism If you are not sure whether something you are doing is plagiarism or not, ask me!


W 1 9 Feb Mon Introduction

13 Feb Gabriel Garcia Marquez “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World”

W 2 16 Feb Mon Marquez Chronicle of a Death Foretold Chapter 1

20 Feb Fri Marquez Chapter 1

W 3 23 Feb Mon Marquez Chapter 2

27 Feb Fri Marquez Chapter 3

W 4 2 Mar Mon Marquez Chapter 3

6 Mar Fri Marquez Chapter 4

W 5 9 Mar Mon Marquez Chapter 5

13 Mar Fri Review and discussion

W 6 16 Mar Mon Franz Kafka Metamorphosis pp. 1-20

20 Mar Fri Kafka pp. 1-20

W 7 23 Mar Mon Kafka pp. 21-40

27 Mar Fri Kafka pp. 21-40

W 8 30 Mar Mon Kafka pp. 41-60

1 Apr Fri Kafka pp. 41-60


10 Apr Fri Mary Shelley Frankenstein

W 10 13 Apr Mon Shelley

17 Apr Fri Shelley

W 11 20-24 Apr SPRING BREAK

W 12 27 Apr Mon Shelley

1 May Fri NO CLASS

W 13 4 May Mon Shelley

8 May Fri Shelley

W 14 11 May Mon Shelley

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