Instruction for Completing the sf 298 (Report Documentation Page) Report Date. Enter report Performing Organization Report Number

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Instruction for Completing the SF 298 (Report Documentation Page)

1. Report Date. Enter report 8. Performing Organization Report Number.

date in the following Leave blank

format DD-MM-YYYY

(Example 01/11/2006) 9. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address.

Enter the following Sponsoring

2. Report Type. Enter type Organization Name

of report (i.e., Annual, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

Annual Phase II, Annual Summary, Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702-5012

Final, Final Phase I, Final Phase II,

Final Addendum) 10. Sponsor/Monitor’s Acronym(s).

Leave blank

3. Dates Covered. Enter period of time

report covers. 11. Sponsor/Monitor’s Report Number.

(Example 1 Oct 2005 – 30 Sep 2006) Leave blank
4. Title. Enter title which appears on 12. Distribution Availability Statement

the signed award. Enter a Distribution/Availability

Statement (see a list of approved

5a. Contract Number. Enter contract number and most commonly used Distribution/

or MIPR number as it appears on the award. Availability Statements below

Grant or Cooperative Agreement numbers

should be entered in 5b NOT 5a. Approved for public release; distribution unlimited
5b. Grant Number. Enter grant or cooperative Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies only

agreement number as it appears on the award. (proprietary information, (enter date of report)

Contract or MIPR Number should be entered

in 5a above. Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies only,

proprietary information (SBIR)

5c. Program Element Number. Leave blank

13. Supplementary Notes. Leave blank

5d. Project Number. Leave blank

14. Abstract. Enter a brief (approximately 200 words)

5e. Task Number. Leave blank unclassified summary of the most significant

finding during the research period.

5f. Work Unit Number. Leave blank

15. Subject Terms. Key words or phrases identifying

6. Authors. Enter name(s) of person(s) responsible major concepts in the report.

for writing the report, performing the research

or credited with the content of the report. 16(a-c). Security Classification. Enter “U” in each of these


7. Performing Organization Name and Address.

Enter name and address of performing 17. Limitation of Abstract. Enter “UU” in this Block.

organization as it appears on the award.

Example Massachusetts General Hospital 18. Number of Pages. Enter number of pages in report

Boston, Massachusetts 02114-2554 beginning with front cover.
19a. Name of Responsible Person. Enter USAMRMC
19b. Telephone Number. Leave blank

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