Ieso reliability Compliance Program Certification Form

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IESO Reliability Compliance Program - Certification Form

Reliability Compliance Template: NPCC A-3, Section 4.6 - Automatic Under-frequency Load Shedding

Submit this form to:


IESO Reliability Compliance Program

Market & System Operations, IESO

Station A Box 4474 Toronto ON M5W 4E5


Fax No.: (905) 855-6372

All information submitted in this process will be used by the IESO solely in support of its obligations under the “Electricity Act, 1998”, the “Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998”, the “Market Rulesand associated policies, standards and procedures and its licence. All submitted information will be assigned the appropriate confidentiality level upon receipt.

Terms and acronyms used in this Form that are italicized have the meanings ascribed thereto in Chapter 11 of the “Market Rules”.

This form, in combination with supporting documentation as appropriate, facilitates certification of compliance in accordance with the requirements and measures of the subject standard authority reliability compliance Template.

Part 1 – General Information

Market Participant Name:      

Market Participant ID:      

Reliability Compliance Contact


Telephone No.:     

Fax No.:      

E-mail Address:     

Date of Annual Survey (3rd Tuesday of July):


Part 2 – Standard

Standard: Each transmitter, distributor and connected wholesale customer in conjunction with the relevant transmitter, shall plan and implement an automatic under-frequency load shedding program as described in section 4.6 of NPCC Document A-3, and as specified in Market Manual 7.4: “IESO-Controlled Grid Operating Policies”, Section 4.5.

Measurement: The market participant’s automatic underfrequency load shedding program shall be set to achieve the following:

  • automatic load shedding of 12% of its load at a nominal set point of 59.3 HZ;

  • automatic load shedding of an additional 23% of its load at a nominal set point of 58.8 Hz; and

  • UFLS threshold relays shall be set to a nominal operating time of 0.30 second, from the time when frequency passes through the set point to the time of circuit breaker trip initiation (including any communications time delay), when the rate of frequency decay is 0.2 Hertz per second.

The attached Summary Table and Tables 1 & 2 must be completed.

References: NPCC Document A-3 Emergency Operations - Section 4.6

Market Manual 7.4: IESO-Controlled Grid Operating Policies - Section 4.5

Part 3 – Certification of Compliance

The reporting Market Participant certifies that it is in:

 Full 100% Compliance: — The under frequency load shedding program fully complies with the intent of the NPCC Emergency Operation Criteria (Document A-3, section 4.6) and the requirements specified in Market Manual 7.4: “IESO Controlled Grid Operating Policy”, Section 4.5. Complete details of the UFLS capabilities are attached and provided in the IESO Detailed Survey Table 1.


 Level 1: market participant failed to submit UFLS survey data.

 Level 2: an automatic underfrequency load shedding program is in existence but does not meet the requirements tabled in the Measurement Section.1

 Level 3: not applicable

 Level 4: there are no automatic underfrequency load shedding programs in existence.

Mitigation plan:

 Mitigation plan attached.



 Comments/explanations attached.


I have authority to bind the market participant named above. I certify that all information set out or referred to above is true and complete as at the date of this certification. I further understand that the foregoing information is being provided in accordance with the requirements of the IESO reliability compliance program (IRCP). I understand that this certification is submitted in lieu of a detailed review or “audit” by the IESO that may occur in the future. I acknowledge that such a review will require all information set out or referred to on this form be verified by appropriate documentation.

Certified by:      

Signature of Authority


Date of Certification:      


Annual Survey of Compliance with the IESO

Under frequency Load Shedding Program as specified in Market Manual 7.4, Section 4.5 & Section 4.6 of the NPCC - Emergency Operation Criteria (Document A3)

Summary Table

Market Participant total system load at survey time:      MW

1st Step at 59.3 Hz

Frequency (Hz.)


MW Shed

% of Total System Load at Survey Time




2nd Step at 58.8 Hz

Frequency (Hz.)


MW Shed

% of Total System Load at Survey Time




3rd Step at _      Hz

Frequency (Hz.)


MW Shed

% of Total System Load at Survey Time




1 UFLS relay nominal operating time change to of 0.30 second is to be phased in over 4 years with full conversion required by August 2008.

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