Cse 1340 Exam 1 Name Fill in the blank: 4 points each

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CSE 1340 Exam 1 Name _____________________________
Fill in the blank: 4 points each

  1. The ____________________ unit controls a program’s overall execution. It is one of several components of the CPU.

  1. The ______________________ is the component of the CPU that performs arithmetic and logical operations.

  1. All programs must be loaded in ___________ before they can be executed.

  1. When the power is switched off, everything in ____________ is lost.

  1. _____________ provides permanent storage for information.

  1. Input to the computer is done via an input device. Two common input devices are the __________ and the ________________.

  1. The most basic language of a computer is a sequence of 0’s and 1’s called ____________ language.

  1. ________________ are programs, such as NetBeans, that translate a program written in a high-level language into machine code.

  1. The ____________ phase is when the user is typing the program into a text editor.

  1. Two documents that you have been producing in lab in order to design your program are ____________________ and _____________________.

  1. Another word for running a program to test its logic is called ________________ the program.

  1. The bytecode file of your source code ends with the extension __________________.

  1. The source code for a Java program is contained in a file with the extension _____________.

  1. _____________________ cannot be used as variable names within a program.

  1. The modulus operator, __________, takes only integer data.

  1. In Java,System.out refers to the _____________.

  1. When code from another package needs to be used by your program,you include the ____________ statement.

  1. Every variable has a __________ and a _____________.

  1. The character ________ is the escape sequence character for going to the next line on your screen.

Short coding exercises: 4 points each

  1. Which of the following are valid Java variable names?

a. RS66 b. 7AB c. Hello

d. Hours Worked e. Your_name

  1. Which of the following is a reserved word in Java?

a. class b. display c. define d. import

  1. What will the following code display?

System.out.print(“This class is”);

System.out.print(“ awesome”);

  1. What would the result of the following expression be if it is placed inside a Java program?

24 % 5 * 3/ 2 + 9 * 5/2

  1. Write pseudocode and code for the following program:

Write a complete java interactive windows application that will ask the user for the names of two states and their population, calculates the population average of the two states, and displays the states’ names and their population and then the average.

21 points

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