Board of directors; fund; powers and duties

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15132315-1323.  Board of directors; fund; powers and duties

A.  The board may bring actions and proceedings necessary to protect the interests of the schools.  Such proceedings shall be instituted in the name of the Arizona state schools for the deaf and the blind.

B.  The board shall be trustee of all donations of lands, monies or other things of value for the benefit of the schools.  Notwithstanding title 35, chapters 1 and 2, the board may invest monies donated to the school through a contract with an investment specialist.  The superintendent of the schools shall annually report to the board on the use of monies received as donations or income from donations.

C.  The board shall maintain an enterprise fund in which shall be retained fees, rentals and other charges received for the use of school facilities for nonschool events.  Monies in the enterprise fund may be used only to pay costs associated with operating facilities for the purpose for which the monies were received.

D.  The board shall:

1.  Provide from the funds appropriated for the schools all the necessary staff, services, supplies and equipment.

2.  Prescribe the system of records and accounts for the schools.

3.  Cause to be kept a record of all important papers.

4.  Cause to be kept a set of books and accounts which show every transaction made, every appropriation by the legislature for the schools, the purchase, storage and consumption of supplies for subsistence, construction and other purposes, receipts from all sources and all expenditures made.

E.  Books and records of the schools shall be open to public inspection, unless otherwise restricted by law. 151323

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