An act relating to interscholastic athletics and declaring an emergency. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky

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AN ACT relating to interscholastic athletics and declaring an emergency.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1. (1) The Kentucky High School Athletics Association, with assistance from the Kentucky Department of Education, shall staff and coordinate a study of sports safety to be completed no later than October 1, 2009.

(2) The study shall include a review of:

(a) The requirements and their adequacy for sports safety education in public middle and secondary schools, including heat-related and air quality issues, chronic and overuse injuries, and other risk factors;

(b) Required training programs for secondary school coaches, to include how training is certified to demonstrate knowledge and competencies of participants;

(c) Required first aid and medical assistance protocols or standards of care for students suffering minor and major injuries during practices and competitions;

(d) Data regarding sports injuries, by sport, in Kentucky and an examination of data reporting requirements and responsibilities for oversight when injuries occur;

(e) Education for high school coaches, volunteers, parents, and student athletes relating to nutrition, weight training, and the dangers of steroids and other illegal supplements;

(f) The availability of sports injury prevention programs and other safety resources; and

(g) Other information as deemed appropriate by the study group to fully examine the status of sports safety in Kentucky for high school students.

(3) The Association shall have a formal work group composed of:

(a) At least two (2) members of the Kentucky Board of Education, selected by the board chairman;

(b) At least two (2) representatives from the Kentucky Department of Education, selected by the commissioner of education;

(c) At least two (2) high school coaches selected by the Chair of the Board of Control;

(d) At least two (2) members from the Kentucky Medical Association, appointed by the executive director;

(e) At least three (3) certified sports trainers; and

(f) Others as deemed appropriate by the commissioner of education and the executive director of the Kentucky High School Athletics Association.

(4) The commissioner of education or designee and the executive director of the Kentucky High School Athletics Association shall identify the work group members within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Act.

(5) The Association shall submit a written report to include findings and recommendations to the Interim Joint Committee on Education by October 30, 2009. The report shall include but not be limited to recommendations to improve the safety of students participating in high school athletics and any legislation that might be necessary to implement the recommendations.


(1) The Kentucky Board of Education or organization or agency designated by the board to manage interscholastic athletics shall require each high school coach to complete a sports safety course consisting of training on how to prevent common injuries. The content of the course shall include but not be limited to emergency planning, heat and cold illnesses, emergency recognition, head injuries, neck injuries, facial injuries, and principles of first aid. The course shall also be focused on safety education and shall not include coaching principles.

(2) The state board or its agency shall:

(a) Establish a minimum timeline for a coach to complete the course;

(b) Approve providers of a sports safety course;

(c) Be responsible for ensuring that an approved course is taught by qualified professionals who shall either be certified athletic trainers, registered nurses, physicians, or physician's assistants licensed to practice in Kentucky; and

(d) Establish the minimum qualifying score for successful course completion.

(3) A course shall be reviewed for updates at least once every thirty (30) months and revised if needed.

(4) A course shall be able to be completed through hands-on or on-line teaching methods in ten (10) clock hours or less.

(5) (a) A course shall include an end-of-course examination with a minimum qualifying score for successful course completion established by the board or its agency.

(b) All coaches shall be required to take the end-of-course examination and shall obtain at least the minimum qualifying score.

(6) Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, at least one (1) person who has completed the course shall be at every high school athletic practice and competition.

Section 3. Whereas there is no existing requirement for a medical professional to be on-site during high school athletic events and the safety of student athletes is sometimes compromised, an emergency is declared to exist and this Act takes effect upon its passage and approval by the Governor or upon its otherwise becoming a law.

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