1st. Integral Scientific Study on the Phenomenon Ufo in Peru First registered Massive Sighting in Peru preliminar report

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1st. Integral Scientific Study on the Phenomenon Ufo in Peru

First registered Massive Sighting in Peru



By: Dr. Anthony Choy

Independent Researcher

Founder Member of the Office of Investigation of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena (OIFAA) of the Air Force of Peru

E-mails : ufoperu@hotmail.com



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Report : Sunday May 20 2007

Photograms : ATV Canal 9 Lima Perú
List of Credits
Authors of the recording in video:

Erick Schreiber y R. Monsefú..

Jobs: Cameramans de ATV Andina de Radiodifusión – Canal 9 of Lima, Perú.

Date of the sighting :

Sunday, May 20, 2007.

Place of the recording in video of the sighting: Arequipa Ave., district San Isidro, Lima, Perú.

Local Hour: 14:00 (19:00 GMT)

Details of the event
By: Dr. Anthony Choy
From end of November of the 2006, I began to receive reports about massive sightings of ufos, from the zone of Acho and Central Market, in the downtown of Lima.

However, in afternoon of this last Sunday twenty of May of the 2007, it began to get information which from midday, strange white spheres were being on the sky of Lima, Peru.

The reports came from the districts of Lima, from Surco (Surco Viejo), San Isidro, and the donwtown of Lima. Indeed the journalist Francisco Landauro of ATV News, (TV Station) was in this last zone when he noticed that tens of people watched the sky.

What they observed they were thirty white balls of light, that gave the impression to form geometric figures. Immediately he called to its tv station, Canal 9, so that they registered the images.

Surprised by the unusual fact, the cameramans of ATV News, Erick Schreiber and R. Monsefú; they began to record around the 2 p.m., about of half an hour.

Nevertheless the phenomenon came showing from the noon, reason why it calculates that it lasted near , since two hours and half an hour, after this time slowly they were disappearing.


1. - According to the video of near 30 minutes of duration and the declaration of witnesses, which can be seen are between 30 to 50 physical manifestations, similars to spheres of white color, of unknown origin, very near one of which they were immovable, near two hours and half an hour, without emitting noise or sound some, to an approximated height of 2.000 meters (data to verify), that they were seen from different points from the capital.

2. - According to law, the Dirección General de Aviación Civil (DGAC), maximum authority of civil aeronautica in Peru, is the one in charge to authorize in zones of the airspace from Lima, the flight of airships with advertising, scientific aims or of another nature. Nevertheless according to the video, the objects did not “commercialize” anything, nor no scientific institution has demanded the responsibility of this massive aerial presence, until the moment.
3. - Either CORPAC, has not been pronounced about if the radar of the International Airport Jorge Chávez has been able to detect and to identify, these aerial anomalous phenomena. In any case, the zone of the sighting, is within the area of work of the radar before mentioned.
4. - The aeronautical hypothesis discards, since according to the video this urban zone is not airway, is not possibly looked like known aerial or aerodynamic object (airplane, helicopter, airship, model airplane, or similar).
5. - The possibility of sounding balloons for scientific workings dragged by the wind discards, because they were immovable near two hours and half and hour, in spite of the wind, soon not to move away or to move but visually to disappear.
6. - In case of not manned military aerial devices for espionage workings, also one would discard, since the nature of their task forces it to be furtive, and, less detectables or as far as possible observable. The myriad of objects was observed by more than two hours from diverse sectors of the capital.
7. - The hypotheses of metereological phenomena discard (there is no associate metereológical antecedents), atmospherics phenomena (like to ray in ball, rosary or similars, according to the video totally different), globes festive pyrotechnicses (we remember the duration of the event, immovable in the sky between half an hour, according to the cameramans and near two hours and half and hour, according to our sources); birds in flight or similars.
8. - Possibility of Sicosocial Campaign ?. - At the moment in the political aspect of Perú, there is no a problem of political, social or economic nature, so serious that it justifies the creation of a sico-social campaign, so elaborated. On the other hand, said supposed sico-social campaign one would occur within the context of the reorganization of Peruvian intelligence services. The conflicts before mentioned are delicate, but they do not comprise of processes of deterioration or social political resonance, associable to sico-socials campaigns. But the accurate question would be well... exists technology at the present time to be able to project images in skies of holographic nature, so as we can observe in the video ?. And the answer simply we do not have it, because the source of information at the present time on this subject in concrete is very debatable. At the moment, we left raised the hypothesis. But we return in the beginning. And why to project holographic images in the sky of Lima? Experiments of social control.?
Dr. Anthony Choy

Sunday, May 20 2007


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