1250 gpm remote controlled aerial ladder monitor

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Task Force Tips Monsoon RC, model # Y4-E25A-L remote controlled aerial ladder monitor shall be installed. The monitor shall operate on 12 or 24 volt direct current and controlled by a monitor mounted switch panel with functions that control rotation, elevation, nozzle patterns, programmable park and oscillate, auxiliary 1 and auxiliary 2. The monitor shall be compatible with optional wired and wireless control stations and monitor position display.
The electrical controls for the monitor shall be waterproof and utilize current limiting and position encoders to protect the drive train at the ends of travel. Monitor shall include an electronics interface box to be mounted to the ladder near the monitor. Control box on the monitor shall contain a membrane switch panel for control of unit from tip of ladder. Interface box shall contain two communications modules which shall allow the connection of two separate 12 volt positive signal control points or can be easily reconfigured in the field to accept ground signals. The priority of operation shall be set from the factory such that the discrete inputs from the pedestal control shall always have control priority. Relay connections for "At Park" indication shall be provided. A six-pin electrical connection for a TFT remote control nozzle shall be provided. The monitor shall be equipped with small override knobs for use in the event of power failure or electrical malfunction. The motors and knobs control stainless steel worm gears for rotation and elevation adjustment.
The monitor shall have the following capabilities:
Control box mounted to top center of monitor for maximum clearance;

Override control shafts shall be short in length with small override knobs to provide maximum clearance;

Horizontal stops preset to 90 degrees left and right of center;

135 degrees of vertical travel from 90 degrees above horizontal to 45 degrees below horizontal;

Field changeable stops at 45 degrees left and/or right of center, and 30 and 45 degrees above horizontal and 30 degrees below horizontal;

Flow capability of 1250 GPM with friction loss no more than 6 PSI;

Maximum operating pressure of 200 PSI
For resistance to corrosion the monitor shall be constructed from hardcoat anodized aluminum with a silver powder coat interior and exterior finish. A threaded port for an optional pressure gauge shall be provided. The unit shall have a unique serial number and be covered by a five-year warranty.
The monitor shall be designed with a unique waterway that minimizes the path of travel, reduces friction loss and turbulence, and produces a far reaching water stream. The monitor shall be configured with a 4" ANSI 150 flange inlet and 2-1/2" male NH outlet.

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